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A&F in the TU Service Awards: Michele Kreider

Michele “Shelly” Kreider joined TU in 1986 as a word processing operator in administrative services, a position in which she helped process and distribute hundreds of printed documents.  That position no longer exists, and technology has since evolved from typewriters to smartphones and carbon copies to Cloud networks. Shelly’s navigated these changes, and others, with her signature upbeat attitude.

“Shelly came here as a young woman looking for a job, but she found a career – and a second family,” says Lucy Slaich, Director of Procurement. “She’s been here for three decades, and she’s been known for her energy, good humor and fun spirit throughout.”

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Shelly’s kept these traits despite the periods of transition.

“As with many others from my generation, we’ve all had to shape up or ship out,” Shelly says. “As technology evolved over the years, so have I.  Now I’m working with a younger generation and they are keeping me on my toes!”

Written by Tyler New

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