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A&F in the TU Service Awards: Barb Hufnagel

Barbara Hufnagel started her tenure with TU in 1986 with Facilities Management. She’s held different positions at TU since then—and even switched departments in 2000—but she’s stayed here through each of her major career changes. She’s now the Contract Administrator and the MBE/SBR Liaison for TU through our Procurement department.

“I think I’ve stayed at TU not only because I’ve been afforded so many opportunities, but also because I enjoy the people,” Barb says. “TU folks are so kind—they hold doors and smile. I’ll always treasure the friendships I’ve built here; we’ve endured both good and bad times together through the years.”

Barb H Most Valuable Employee

The State of Maryland Department of Personnel honored Barb as one of their Most Valuable Employees in 1991

Lucy Slaich can testify that the feelings are mutual, and that Barbara has done more than her job requires since starting in 1986—which is recognized outside the university.

“Barb, a ‘TU Mom’ (Chris, ’01), is also a standout among USM’s minority- and small-business liaisons,” Lucy says. “The Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs describes her as its ‘shining star,’ which she achieves through genuine interest and warmth with the vendor community.”

Barb has shown the same genuine interest and warmth with fellow TU staff, which has resulted in life-long friendships and the respect of those she works with.

Written by Tyler New

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