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A&F in the TU Service Awards: Bob Cave

The TU Service Awards are approaching, and nearly a dozen A&F employees are being honored for working on campus for 30 years or more. During the next two weeks we’ll highlight some of these employees and dig into why they’ve stayed for so long.

Two-time TU alumnus Bob Cave (’86, ‘96) has grown familiar with almost every part of campus during his 30 years as an employee. When he first came to campus as a biology major, OTS didn’t yet exist—and now he’s the senior IT and multimedia support specialist for OTS Student Computing Services.

“I never used a computer in college,” Bob says. “All my papers were written with typewriters. Desktops came out my senior year, and shortly after graduation I became enamored.”

Bob stayed at TU after working in Student Affairs (then called Student Services) as an undergrad, but his time after work was spent with computers.

“I was fascinated,” Bob remembers. “I wanted to learn everything I could about them. Post-graduation I worked in Student Services by day, and learned about computers by night.”

After more than 10 years of working in Student Services and learning about computers on the side, TU’s Computing and Network Services (CANS), OTS’s predecessor, announced it was looking for a new employee.

“I saw a perfect opportunity to merge my professional and personal interests,” Bob says. “I love TU and higher education, and I love computers—what more could I ask for in a job?”

Bob’s loved working in OTS since day one.

“I’m surrounded by intelligent, hardworking and open-minded folks, and I’ve learned a lot through them,” Bob says. “They’re good people.”

His supervisors and co-workers feel the same way.

“Bob’s great—he helps people succeed,” OTS director Matt Wynd says. “He prioritizes helping others, especially students and SCS student-employees.”

For Bob, a confluence of factors have compelled him to stay at TU: its cheery environment, its selfless employees, the frequent opportunities it provides for learning. His only regret, he says, is that he didn’t focus more on creative writing when he got his master’s in professional writing from TU.

“TU’s been great,” he reflects. “And it’s only getting better.”

Written by Tyler New

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