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Nine stats to make you say “Wow!”

You know that TU matters to Maryland, but do you know just how much TU matters? Below, nine stats about Towson University’s impact that will make you say “Wow,” including our growing demand and a look at our input and output compared to other USM schools.

TU is in demand.

31% of growth on USM campuses has come from TU

In the past 15 years, nearly a third of the growth on USM campuses has come from TU, and in the next decade, 30 percent of the undergraduate growth on USM campuses will occur at TU1. The university’s applications are up nine percent from fall 2015 to fall 2016. Demand for a TU education is strong and growing.

1USM enrollment projections fall 2015-2024


TU is impactful.

TU degree production

Nearly every Maryland patient receives care from a TU-educated nurse. Nearly every Maryland student learns from a TU-educated teacher. Towson University’s 95,877 active alumni in Maryland1 lead businesses, supply talent and strengthen communities across the state.

1 As of January 2017


TU is diverse.

Diversity stats

As Greater Baltimore’s largest university, we are part of the connective tissue of the state, fostering an environment where all students – regardless of their immigration status, race, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation and levels of ableness – can thrive, flourish, and realize their fullest potential.


TU does more with less.

Input and output of USM campuses

TU has achieved the second highest graduation rate in the USM with the lowest state appropriations per FTE.


Why do you think TU matters—to Maryland and to our students, faculty and staff? Share in the comments below!

Read more about why TU matters to Maryland in the FY 18 Operating Testimony. Access additional statistics and rankings in the TU By the Numbers booklet.


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