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Newell Dining’s five best dishes

Newell entrance

Newell Dining reopened this winter following renovations to the serving areas, dining rooms and exteriors. Here are five of our favorite new dishes they serve, including a dessert that will take you straight back to your childhood.

Salmon sliders

dsc_0336This special at the upstairs grill might help you make it to spring with your New Year’s resolution intact. Fresh salmon grilled and served on soft slider buns with onion straws and a mustard dill sauce. You won’t believe you’re eating in a dining hall.

Boar’s Head Italian cold cut


I’ll say it: the Boar’s Head deli is the biggest dining improvement to come out of Newell’s renovation. Premium meats and cheeses at $6 Friday prices? Yes, please. The deli serves grab-and-go sandwiches and made-to-order selections, served alongside spicy pickles, pepperoncinis and a selection of prepared salads. It’s just inside the entrance—you can’t miss it.


Make-your-own salad: The Den’s new salad station mixes up greens with your choice of steak, shrimp or chicken and unlimited toppings for $7.49. That’s way less than off-campus salad spots, plus more convenient.


Whoopie pie: Sprinkles make everything better, and there’s no shortage of them in Newell’s dedicated bakery, located in the back dining room. You can choose from muffins, cupcakes, pies and more—all freshly made on-site every day of the week. As of this spring, you’ll also be able order customized specialty cakes to take back to the office or bring home for birthdays, retirements and other special events. Sprinkles included.


Made-to-order omelet: You choose the ingredients and then watch them turn into a fresh omelet, without ever having to lift a finger. While this doesn’t qualify as a new dish, the made-to-order omelet is so good, and such a staple of Newell, that we couldn’t leave it out. It tastes just as good as we remembered.


Mussels Marinara: Newell’s pasta station is mixing it up with a rotating selection of seafood, meatballs and sausage. But don’t worry. The staples of beef, chicken and tofu are still there, served with your choice of marinara, alfredo or pesto, or a combination thereof. It’s a hearty, filling option for a chilly day.


For the latest menus and operating hours at Newell Dining and the Den, visit the Dining website.

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