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Carla Hall: from A&F to Ministry


Carla Hall, HR Operations Associate and former A&F blog contributor, will retire from a 20-year tenure with Towson University on November 30. She’s retiring because she wants to reinvent herself.

“I plan to go to school full-time and finish my degree,” she says. “And then I plan to use that degree to help others.”

Carla hopes to finish her bachelor’s in Family and Human Services by December 2017 so she can dedicate her life to improving the lives of others. She already does this in her free time by volunteering for her ministry, but retiring will allow her to turn helping into a career rather than a hobby.

“I plan to enter the ministry full-time when I’m not in school,” she says. “I love the work I’ve done there so far. I’ve sang in the choir, I’ve visited the sick and imprisoned, and I’ve lead sermons—these are things I’m passionate about, and I want to spend more time doing them.”

Carla’s 20 years at TU have been marked by a similar passion. She volunteered articles for the A&F blog in 2012 and 2013, writing pieces on Phil Butler, Cheryl Harris and Denice Elliott when she wasn’t carrying out other tasks. Wherever Carla’s been, and whatever she’s done, she’s gone the extra mile to benefit others.

So what’s next? Carla has several vacations planned out between her schoolwork and ministry work, including trips to Cancun, the Bahamas and Daytona Beach.


By Tyler New

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