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2016 ACE Award Nominees

Congratulations to the 2016 nominees for the Administration and Finance Commitment to Excellence (ACE) Award! Below are the nominees, along with a photo of each one being surprised with his or her ACE star.


Non-Exempt Category


Robin Boord
Robin is a one of the key figures in the success of the WEPA student pay-for-print system on campus and can be counted on to pitch in when needed. Whether it’s working late at Copies Plus to handle the beginning of the semester print rush, or working extra hours to solve an unexpected voltage problem on a handful of departmental printers, Robin takes the initiative to see that faculty and staff print needs are met seamlessly.


Patricia Burke
Patricia is one of our most effective technicians. She completes a large number of service requests while still finding time to take on additional duties. Also, her ability to make everyone feel comfortable, regardless of their familiarity with technology, is exceptional. She’s the colleague to turn to when you need a laugh. She’s always ready with a picture of a pet, a fun app she’s found, or a joke about her impressive coffee consumption.


Jeff Clark
Jeff has been the go to guy this past year in Facilities Management. From working on the Child Care Center’s playscape and the Union’s new pavilion to driving to Annapolis to build displays for TU’s 150th anniversary, Jeff has been busy. And he does it all with a smile.


Angela Evans
Angela never seems to let the stress of the job change her demeanor.  She will take on additional responsibilities without any hesitation and is always positive.  She is always willing to help others tackle tough tasks or projects. Angela is very knowledgeable in all areas and continues to learn new software, hardware and processes. She offers suggestions and helps make departmental processes better.


Jimmie Heath
Jimmie greets every rider with a smile and warm welcome, and to regular riders, he greets them by name and often with a fist-bump. He will inquire how they are doing at school and home. Jimmie drives well, too: he’s conscientious, careful and courteous.


Dave Turner, Facilities Management, Maintenance Chief
Dave is always willing to drop everything and help our staff. He is available at a moment’s notice to ensure our customers and staff are not frustrated or in any way troubled with the system. Even if he has pending deadlines, he’ll stop what he’s doing to help. Dave also trains the 100 employees in the field currently using the CMMS system, helping them become familiar with it.


Exempt Category


Sandy Mryncza, OTS, Senior Project Manager
Sandy maintains a strong and positive spirit, even as projects bog down due to unresponsive vendors or offices resisting change from current practices.  She always keeps a project on track and does her very best to keep it on time.


Stuart Page, OTS, Identity Management Engineer
Stuart is the lead engineer in the ongoing active directory redesign project, which will produce substantial changes to fundamental and sensitive IT services. Stuart’s detailed analysis and planning throughout the project have allowed us to make some high-risk changes with almost no negative impact to IT services. His detailed, responsible, analytical nature helps ensure this fundamental service remains solid.


Kerry Spence, Facilities, Facilities Planner
Kerry Spence is a leader and a role model.  Facilities Planning is often under tight deadlines and budgets, and Kerry is always ready to roll-up her sleeves and lend a hand to get the job done. Her positivity and kindness is reflected in the smiles she sees on the faces of her co-workers and clients.  She makes everyone’s day a little brighter and a lot easier. 


Nik Talati, OTS, Manager of Network Engineering:
Nik has a very positive personality and is easy to work with. He constantly demonstrates an interest in supporting OTS. Also, Nik and his team provide direct support for the critical networked applications in the Office of Public Safety, including the access control system, the closed circuit security cameras and the security alarms.


Beth Walsh, ECS, Facility Reservationist
Beth wears many hats for Event and Conference Services (ECS): she oversees 25Live, the new university reservation system; she maintains ECS’ portion of the TU website, and she even finds time to organize department office parties and contests.  As the search for filling two vacant positions in ECS continues, she does the work of several people (and is often found sending emails late into the night as a result), but she remains one of the most energetic personalities in the office.


Who are you rooting for to win this year? Share in the comments section below!

ACE winners will be announced at the A&F Annual Meeting Thursday, Dec.15, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. in the West Village Ballrooms.


Compiled and edited by Tyler New

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