Celebrating the people and projects of TU's Division of Administration and Finance

Personnel Announcement

Wondering what’s going on in the division? Look no further—upcoming events, recent new hires, and next month’s birthdays are listed below. If you’d like to contribute an item to the personnel announcement, email adminfinance@towson.edu.


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Did you know? 

When both elevators in Tower A stopped working during move-in, Warren Riefner and his team were called to fix it immediately—then more than 20 facilities employees came to help students and their families carry their belongings up the steps. Their quick team work helped move-in go smoothly.



October 1 – Run for Life 5k, 9 a.m. at Camden Yards
October 8 – A&F tailgate, 5 p.m. in Lot 21 before the Tigers take on Stony Brook. Menu includes pulled pork, chicken tenders, vegetarian baked beans and more.
October 26 – Join the TU leadership consultants for a workshop on the differences between leadership and management, and how you can excel at both. The event will be held from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in University Union room 305.
December 3 – Time TBD – A&F Hoop Day Basketball vs. Old Dominion in SECU Arena


New Employees

Anna Casterline, General Storekeeper Assistant
Devin Crawford, Lead Cashier
Christopher Halley, Mt Maintenance Mechanic
Sean Holmes, Shuttle Bus Driver-Year Round
Kyle Jackson, Shuttle Bus Driver- Year Round
Jacqueline Kernan, Office Clerk II
Craig Knight, Groundskeeper
John Morrow, Motor Equipment Operator I
Stephon Parker, Groundskeeper
Andre Peterson, Parking Enforcement Associate
Rachel Roberts, Shuttle Bus Driver-Combo
William Salliey, Parking Control Aide
William Shaffer, Jr MT Maintenance Mechanic
Aaron Sweitzer, MT Maintenance Mechanic Lead
Teresa Westhead, Lanscape Technician



October 1 – Auggie Plitt, OTS
October 4 – Ed del Sordo, OTS
October 4 – Steve Kolb, Facilities Management
October 6 – Deanna Martinez, University Budget Office
October 6 – Chris Herring, Auxiliary Servies
October 7 – Daniel Marcum, Facilities Management
October 7 – Rick Walsh, Facilities Management
October 8 – Bobby Zengel, Financial Affairs
October 9 – Larry Lay, Facilities Management
October 9 — Michael Oakley, Financial Affairs
October 9 – Katharina Norman, OTS
October 10 – Melvin Bey, Auxiliary Services
October 10 – Kevin Clancy, Facilities Management
October 10 – Bernie Hunter, Facilities Management
October 10 – Warren Riefner, Facilities Management
October 11 – Dawn Kuessner, Financial Affairs
October 13 – Isaac Blanding, II, Facilities Management
October 14 – Jennifer Weldon, OTS
October 15 – Jerald Smith, Facilities Management
October 15 – Dave Stansbury, Public Safety
October 16 – Kevin Peterson, Facilities Management
October 16 — Cyndi Caravello, OTS
October 16 – Kyle DeAngelo, Auxiliary Services
October 17 – Donna McLaughlin, Public Safety
October 17 – Ed Tames, Facilities Management
October 17 – Thomas Quattrochi, Facilities Management
October 18 – Nicholas Holicky, Facilities Management
October 19 – Henry Wu, Financial Affairs
October 21 – Dennis Bohlayer, Facilities Management
October 22 – Allen Welsh, Facilities Management
October 24 – Bob Jones, OTS
October 25 – Carl Harris, Facilities Management
October 26 – Theodore Robinson, Auxiliary Services
October 27 – Mark McDowell, OTS
October 27 – Thom Ruby, Financial Affairs
October 28 – Carol Ridge, Auxiliary Services
October 30 – Jeremy Ottley, Auxiliary Services
October 31 – Ray Bastianelli, Facilities Management
October 31 – Bill Murphy, Auxiliary Services
October 31 – Linda O’Connor, Financial Affairs
October 31 – Aneika Peoples, Human Resources
October 31 – Kristi Yowell, OHR

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