Celebrating the people and projects of TU's Division of Administration and Finance

Personnel Announcement

Wondering what’s going on in the division? Look no further—upcoming events, recent new hires, and next month’s birthdays are listed below. If you’d like to contribute an item to the personnel announcement, email adminfinance@towson.edu.

Did you know?

The Office of Human Resources held its summer blood drive on Wednesday, June 1, and it was a major success! Over 100 people showed up to donate, and their donations will save approximately 177 lives.


Celebrate the fourth of July with fellow TU Tigers in “uptown” Towson! Attractions include free T-shirts, a bike rush and a parade.

New Hires

Isaac Blanding, MT Maintenance Mechanic
Edward Hiener, MT Maintenance Mechanic Lead
Katharina Norman, Blackboard Administrator
Christopher Pratt, If & When Mechanic Aid
Stephon Parker, Groundskeeper
David Prozeller, Motor Equipment Operator I
Jeff Russell, Shuttle Bus Driver
Matthew Sandruck, Groundskeeper
Seth Swanson, Linux Systems Engineer
Shanard Starke, Sr. Event Technician
Michael Von Paris, Lead Cyber Security Engineer
Shawn Wright, Groundskeeper


Christopher Collins, Maintenance Mechanic Lead in Area E
Patrick McAllen, Maintenance Mechanic in Area G
Andre Passas, Maintenance Mechanic Lead in Area D
David Prozeller, Motor Equipment Operator I – Landscape Services
Tyra Thomas, Maintenance Mechanic Lead in Area E


Phil Butler, Facilities Management
Bob Childs, Facilities Management
Lisa Schmith, Office of Human Resources


July 1 – Robbi Hairston-Flood, OHR
July 2 – Tim Sandruck, Facilities Management
July 4 – William Stafford, Facilities Management
July 4 – Sara Senter, Auxiliary Services
July 5 – Timothy Blaker, Auxiliary Services
July 5 – Dena Barnwell, Auxiliary Services
July 5 – Thomas Lazarek, Facilities Management
July 7 – Philip George, Facilities Management
July 7 – Lana Rybalnik, OTS
July 9 – Barbara Hufnagel, Financial Affairs
July 10 – John Dearmey, Facilities Management
July 11 – Mike Medairy, Facilities Management
July 11 – Michael Roddy, TUPD
July 12 – Dave Steuernagle, Jr., Facilities Management
July 13 – Lou Chaney, Facilities Management
July 13 – Lisa Schmith, Human Resources
July 14—Jim McTygue, Auxiliary Services
July 14—Frank Rankin, Auxiliary Services
July 15 – Cynthia Andrews, Human Resources
July 15 – Mike Noll, Human Resources
July 16 – Rance Burger, Facilities Management
July 17 – LaTarsha Mack, OHR
July 17 – Ryan Peterson, OTS
July 18 – Christopher Betts, Facilities Management
July 18 – Bonnie Yourik, OHR
July 19 – Michele Kreider, Financial Affairs
July 20 – John Harris, Facilities Management
July 21 – Kayte Chojnowski, Auxiliary Services
July 21 – Dave Socha, Facilities Management
July 23 – Vani Jupelly, OTS
July 23 – Dave Schley, Facilities Management
July 23 – Eileen Strange, Auxiliary Services
July 23 – Christopher White, Facilities Management
July 24 – Verna Green, Auxiliary Services
July 24 – Andrew Rosenblum, Auxiliary Services
July 27- Tobi Bennet, Facilities Management
July 27 – Julie Rozankowski, Auxiliary Services
July 28 – Ronald Peacock, Facilities Management
July 28 – Robert Pryzbylowicz, Facilities Management
July 29 – Jenna Wood, Auxiliary Services

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