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Annual Service Awards

The Annual Service Awards Program was held on Wednesday, May 11, 2016 from 9 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. in the SECU Arena. Over 70 A&F employees were recognized for their time spent working for the university. This year’s ceremony in particular was noteworthy because two A&F staff members—Rick Walsh Jr. and Adela Lombardi of Facilities Management—were both recognized for serving the university for 40 years. A full list of A&F staff recognized at the ceremony is below.


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40 years of service

Adela Lombardi, Facilities Management
Rick Walsh Jr., Facilities Management

35 years of service

Chuck Conjar, Printing and Duplicating Services
Mary Anne Czyz, OTS
Bruce Schuchardt, Facilities Management
Antonietta Serruto, Bursar’s Office
Vicki Shifflett, Financial Services
Donna Taylor, OTS
Tammy Weichseldorfer, OTS

30 years of service

Bob Campbell, Financial Affairs
Linda O’Connor, Financial Services
Charles Rummings, OTS

25 years of service

Carrol Dowery, TUPD

20 years of service

Sammy Featherstone, Facilities Management
Darren Hess, Printing and Duplicating Services
Wade Keeney, Facilities Management
Donna McLaughlin, Environmental Health and Safety
James Norman, Facilities Management
Carol Warner, Bursar’s Office
Ella Watts, Financial Services
Kevin Webb, OTS

15 years of service

Paul Andrews, OTS
Donna Auvil, University Budget Office
Raymond Bastianelli, Facilities Management
Karen Carmer, Facilities Management
Jerome Chandler, OTS
Susan Fata, Event and Conference Services
Joanne Forrester, Ticket Office
Philip George, Facilities Management
Dana Hall, Parking and Transportation Services
Herbert Hollidge, Facilities Management
William Kerfoot, Facilities Management
Larry Lay, Facilities Management
Marc Nall, Materiel Managemen
Paul Parrish, Environmental Health and Safety
Michael Pfeifer, Parking and Transportation Services
Glenda J. Pierce, Financial Services
Dorothy Proctor, University Budget Office
Freddie Samuels, Facilities Management
David Socha, Facilities Management

10 years of service

Charles Baker, TUPD
Susan Brown, Event and Conference Services
Jeannie Deckelbaum, Event and Conference Services
Edward Del Sordo, OTS
Michael DeVoe, Facilities Management
Michael Fouche, OTS
Cheryl Harris, Human Resources
Shawnette Hooper, TUPD
James McAllen, Facilities Management
Deborah Phillips, Human Resources
Donald Sauer, Facilities Management
Katie Simmons-Barth, University Store
Lucy Slaich, Procurement
Vanessa Topping, Auxiliary Services
Gail Vogel, Facilities Management
Jessica Wright, TUPD

5 years of service

Mark Armour, TUPD
Benjamin Berry, Facilities Management
Christopher Betts, Facilities Management
Paul Clutter, Facilities Management
William Gorsuch Jr., OTS
John Harris, Facilities Management
Robert Keenan Jr., Facilities Management
Terry Love, OTS
Kristen Marx, Material Management
Rachel Morgan, Financial Services
Donald Sauer, Facilities Management
Corey Schmidt, Facilities Management
David Sies Sr., Facilities Management
William Stafford Jr., Facilities Management
Jennifer Stano, Human Resources
Adam Weaver, Event and Conference Services

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