Celebrating the people and projects of TU's Division of Administration and Finance

Personnel Announcement

solar groundbreaking

From left to right: student Drew Voigt, President Schatzel, Facilities employees Dennis Bohlayer and Steve Kolb, and student Sam Figueroa breaking ground on the campus’s first solar project.

Wondering what’s going on in the division? Look no further—upcoming events, recent new hires and May birthdays are listed below. If you’d like to contribute an item to the personnel announcement, email adminfinance@towson.edu.

Susan Fata, Senior Event Manager in ECS, earned a “Top Tiger” award last month. Congrats, Susan!

A&F in the news
A&F was mentioned in TU in the News three times in the past month. We were recognized for:

TED is coming to Towson on Thursday, May 5! Come join compelling discussions starting at 4 p.m.
Do you need help promoting yourself or any initiatives through social media? Join TU Incubator in a social media workshop.

New Hires
Join us in giving a warm welcome to these new A&F employees:

Michael Morris, Shuttle Bus Driver
Patrick McAllen, MT Maintenance Mechanic
Samantha Yeager, Accounting Clerk II

May 1 – Tom Alcide, OTS
May 2 – Beverly Lang, Financial Affairs
May 4 – Jim Monroe, OTS
May 5 – Catherine Norris, Auxiliary Services
May 6 – Stuart Page, OTS
May 7 – Nick Gingue, Facilities Management
May 7 – Connie Proffitt, Financial Affairs
May 8 – Joe Oster, A&F VP Office
May 8 –Dorothy Proctor, University Budget Office
May 8 – Dave Schroeder, OTS
May 11 – Kate Scanlan, OTS
May 11 – Dave Rose, Facilities Management
May 15 – Jeff Clark, Facilities Management
May 16 – Katie Simmons-Barth, Auxiliary Services
May 17 – Jonathan Lindhorst, Facilities Management
May 18 – John Logan, Facilities Management
May 20 – Carl Heckler, Facilities Management
May 21 – Irwin Browder, Auxiliary Services
May 22 – Craig Hirsh, Facilities Management
May 22 – Keith Combs, Facilities Management
May 23 – Susan Fata, Auxiliary Services
May 23 – Shawn Rauscher, Facilities Management
May 26 – Myron Esterson, Auxiliary Services
May 26 – Sandy Levin, Financial Affairs
May 26 – Jeff Sutton, Financial Affairs
May 28 – Lorraine Hart, Financial Affairs
May 28 – Erica Jones, Financial Affairs
May 29 – Sarah Fike, Auxiliary Services
May 31 – Rick Morrocco, OHR
May 31 – Sandra White, Financial Affairs

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