Celebrating the people and projects of TU's Division of Administration and Finance

Personnel Announcement

Wondering what’s going on in the division? Look no further—upcoming events, recent new hires, and April birthdays are listed below. If you’d like to contribute an item to the personnel announcement, email adminfinance@towson.edu.

Recycling at All-Shred Event


Did You Know?

Faculty and staff helped to recycle more than 5,000 lbs of paper at the annual All-Shred event, sponsored by the Office of Sustainability.

Lead Maintenance Mechanic Mike Mackin earned a “Top Tiger” award last month. Congrats Mike!



A&F employees are invited to attend a special town hall with President Schatzel from 4 to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 29 in the West Village Ballrooms or 8 to 9:30 a.m. Friday, April 1 in the Potomac Lounge. Please make every effort to attend.

Recycle unwanted electronics from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday, March 25 and Saturday, March 26 in lot 14.

The President’s Address will be held at 4 p.m. Thursday, April 21 in the Stephens Hall Theatre.


New Hires

Britton Buie, Police Communications Operator
Quinton Crawford, Shuttle Bus Driver
Andre Evans, Shuttle Bus Driver
Sharonda Frazier, Shuttle Bus Driver
Bernard Makell, Shuttle Bus Driver
Richard McIver, Systems Engineer
Mychal Revels, Shuttle Bus Driver
Elizabeth Strauch, Event Manager



April 2 – Michael Devoe, Facilities Management
April 2 – Charles Smallwood, Auxiliary Services
April 3 – Mike Franklin, Auxiliary Services
April 3 – Lucy Slaich, Financial Affairs
April 5 – Mark Temmel, Facilities Management
April 6 – Tim Byrnes, OTS
April 7 – Lisa Taylor, Facilities Management
April 7 – Vance Ruff, Facilities Management
April 9 – Karen Mullaney, Auxiliary Services
April 11 – Brian Cooney, OTS
April 11 – Virgil Lemaster, Facilities Management
April 11 – Carlos Mendez, Facilities Management
April 12 – Donna Taylor, OTS
April 12 – Valerie Brown, Auxiliary Services
April 13 – Barry Pina, Facilities Management
April 14 – Jeff Koerber, OTS
April 15 – Cheryl Webb, Budget Office
April 15 – Darren Hess, Auxiliary Services
April 16 – Kim Dugent, Financial Affairs
April 17 – Craig Fringer, Office of Public Safety
April 17 – Thomas Judd, Auxiliary Services
April 19 – Julie Leary, OTS
April 19 – Mike Snider, Facilities Management
April 20 – Benjamin Berry, Facilities Management
April 21 – David Mayhew, Facilities Management
April 22 – Adela Lombardi, Facilities Management
April 23 – Margot Van Den Berghe, Auxiliary Services
April 24 – Dana Hall, Auxiliary Services
April 26 – James Norman, Facilities Management
April 27 – Marie Weber, Facilities Management
April 28 – Rich Sullivan, OTS
April 28 – Jay Taffel, OTS
April 29 – Eric Cannizzo, OTS

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