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Five new hires to watch

President Schatzel isn’t the only new tiger in town. In the past few months, TU has gained some important new hires—including a new manager of TU’s outdoor aesthetic and a new public face of HR. Read on to learn about their roles and hidden talents, including competitive singing and radio hosting.

 Don koenig

Don Koenig

Position: Junior Training Support Associate (OTS)

Last job: Radio show host and TV personality

What he does at TU: After years of being in the spotlight on 98 Rock and being the face of MD’s lottery drawings, Don chose to work at TU as a “behind the scenes guy.” Though he does host workshops for the new TU WordPress website service and for the new Office 365, he usually develops training documents and works on TechHelp tickets.

What he does when he’s not at TU: In addition to watching “Bad B movies” and collecting records (he has over 1,500), Don enjoys restoring old arcade machines. Being with family is also very important to him—he met his wife Amanda when they were both students at TU. Together they have two girls, seven-year-old Hailey and four-year-old Isabel.

What many people don’t know about him: Don’s secretly a turntable DJ. He mixes records, old school style, for hours at a time. He’s good at it, too; you can find him performing at local venues.


President Kim

Dr. Kim Schatzel

Position: TU president

Last job: Interim president, Eastern Michigan University (EMU)

What she finds unique about TU: President Schatzel loves that the campus community has a consensus about its culture. She’s found that faculty, staff, students and alumni all agree that Towson is a very special place with lots of room to grow—and they all want to help TU advance.

What she has planned for TU: As a firm believer in networking, the president hopes to develop connections with neighboring Baltimore businesses—a good fit as connections are a key theme in TU’s campus master plan.

What many people don’t know about her: She is a great cook who loves trying out new recipes.


Brian Bunker

Brian Bunker

Position: Financial Services Specialist

Last job: Accounts Receivable Manager

What he does at TU: Brian is a PeopleSoft team member who helps process financial transactions coming through TU, including interdepartmental journal entries. He also manages the department’s website and resolves IT issues.

What he does when he’s not at TU: After work, Brian usually relaxes with a Stephen King book in hand or watches TV shows like The Big Bang Theory—unless it’s Wednesday, in which case he’s with his wife at trivia night. On weekends, Brian likes to explore local wineries.

What many people don’t know about him: Brian’s a pop culture junkie who has a knack for remembering facts about almost anything—even movies he’s never seen.


 Donna Anderson

Donna Anderson

Position: Manager of Landscape Services

Last job: Manager of Landscape and Grounds, UMBC

What she does at TU: Donna is in charge of maintaining the aesthetics of TU’s 329-acre campus. Flowers, trees, mowing, you name it: they’re all under her watch. You can find Donna perusing campus during the day, making sure everything is picturesque. Back in the office, she focuses on reviewing capital projects, reports and annual plans for campus.

What she does when she’s not at work: Landscaping is not just a job for Donna—it’s also a pastime. She grew up between farms in Carroll County helping her dad maintain a large vegetable garden. Relaxing after a long day of work involves cultivating her garden and enjoying the outdoors.

What many people don’t know about her: Donna’s art doesn’t stop at landscaping—she also sings in a choir.


Christin WilsonBarnes

Christin BarnesWilson

Position: Human Resources Office Clerk

Last job: Administrative Support Technician

What she does at TU: Christin is the new Randy Peaker—she mans the HR desk and is often the first person new employees meet at TU. She helps new hires get their paperwork together, reviews their forms when they’re turned in and assists with I-9 forms.

What she does when she’s not at TU: Busy is an understatement when describing Christin’s life outside of work. She enjoys interior design, takes care of her five-year-old daughter Jade, and cooks as a hobby (seafood is her favorite). She manages, somehow, to fit this all in with her study schedule; Christin is going back to school at CCBC for nursing and hopes to transfer to Towson soon.

What many people don’t know about her: Christin used to compete in church competitions as a gospel singer.

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