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Personnel Announcement

Wondering what’s going on in the division? Look no further—upcoming events, recent new hires, and February birthdays are listed below. If you’d like to contribute an item to the personnel announcement, email adminfinance@towson.edu.

New Hires

William Harden, Parking Control Aide

Tech Tips


Weather doesn’t always cooperate during the winter months. Access your email from off campus using Outlook on the Web. For additional help, see the Outlook on the Web Self-Help learning document.


Shopping online is fast and convenient – but when making online purchases from home, make sure you are protecting your personal information:

  • Never give out your password – Never give out your password whether orally or through email.
  • Password lock your smartphone – Locking your phone with a PIN or pattern can stop someone from stealing your identity.
  • Change you passwords regularly – Change your bank and personal passwords as often as you change your work passwords.
  • Register your phone for remote wiping – Register for “Find my iPhone” or the “Android Device Manager” in case your phone is lost or stolen.
  • Question links sent in emails – If a link in an email looks suspicious, type the link in the address bar of your browser; think before you click.
  • Regularly patch software – Make sure your personal computer is set up to automatically download and install updates.
  • Use Antivirus – Every device is a target, so every internet-accessible device you use should have antivirus software installed.
  • Watch out for WiFi – Avoid accessing personal information when using open or guest wireless networks; they often have little to no security.
  • Limit your sharing – Remember that everything you post on social media is accessible – hackers use social media to guess your passwords.
  • Download from trusted resources – Only download applications from trusted resources like the app stores or the company’s web site.
  • Protect your home – Configure your home router to use OpenDNS’ free malware-blocking DNS service and protect all of your devices.
  • Too many passwords? – Use a password manager to keep track of all of your different passwords.


February 1 – Jerry Antonelli, Auxiliary Services
February 2 – Sheila Tilghman, Auxiliary Services
February 2 –Renee Norman, Facilities Management
February 3 – Jessica Katz, Facilities Management
February 4 – Fran Kateley, Auxiliary Services
February 4—Kevin Webb, OTS
February 5 – Ray Brewer, Facilities Management
February 6 – Joseph Byer, Facilities Management
February 7 – Paul Andrews, OTS
February 7 – George Campbell, Facilities Management
February 7 – Al Lagos, Financial Affairs
February 9 – Cheryl Harris, Human Resources
February 9 – Pauletta Riley, Facilities Management
February 10 — Beth Dishner, Auxiliary Services
February 11- Andre Passas, Facilities Management
February 12 – Carey Bonvenga, Auxiliary Services
February 13 – Toni Serruto, Financial Affairs
February 13 – Deb Simon, OTS
February 15 – Karen Minor, OTS
February 17 – Jerome Chandler, OTS
February 17 – Frank Fralinger, Facilities Management
February 18 –Mary Weir, Financial Affairs
February 18—Terry Love, OTS
February 19 – Paul Parrish, Public Safety
February 19 – Milton Torres, Facilities Management
February 21 – Dave Turner, Facilities Management
February 22- Danny Mays, Financial Affairs
February 26 – Tom Garrison, OTS
February 26 – Matt Wynd, OTS
February 26 – Robin Boord, Auxiliary Services
February 27 –Shawn Mahonski, Facilities Management
February 28 – Barbara Vollmer, Financial Affairs
February 28 – Tracey Davis, OTS

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