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2015 ACE Award winners

Congratulations to all of the Administration & Finance Commitment to Excellence (ACE) Award finalists! The selection committee had a tough job selecting winners from this year’s group, resulting in a tie in one category. The winners are:

Non-exempt category winner: Joe Laumann

Joe Laumann

Pictured: Joe Oster, Joe Laumann, Warren Riefner (Left to right)

Electrical Trades Chief Joe Laumann served as on-site supervisor for the storm water culvert collapse this summer. The project required rerouting our electrical feeders and campus data connections to the Athletic Precinct. The monumental task was completed with just one 6-hour outage. Joe’s leadership and ability to keep his cool helped the difficult project go smoothly.


Exempt category co-winner: Patrick Rohe

Patrick Rohe

Pictured: Joe Oster, Patrick Rohe, Mark Addy (Left to right)

Senior Enterprise Architect Patrick Rohe has retained a high level of technical knowledge despite taking on managerial duties, and he uses this unique mix of skills to improve the campus’s technical operations. He recently took the initiative to identify problems within the campus NetID account system and then design solutions to them. His work has taken the system to a whole new level.


Exempt category co-winner: Rick Walsh

Rick Walsh

Pictured: Joe Oster, Rick Walsh, Warren Riefner (Left to right)

Associate Physical Plant Director Rick Walsh is the definition of a team player. Over the past year, he has contributed to numerous repair projects and helped fill in for the unfilled Landscape Services manager position while still working toward his main goal: transitioning the paint department from mid to large budget requests up to nearly a million dollars per year.


Group Category Winner: The EduCycle Team


Pictured: Joe Oster, Theresa Jenkins, Greg Primrose, Carol Green-Willis, Michael Scribner, Kate Scanlan, Wendy Gibson, Michael Bachmann, Julie Leary (Left to right)

The EduCycle Team, including Wendy Gibson, Carol Green-Willis, Theresa Jenkins, Julie Leary, Ginger McGeehan, Greg Primrose, Kate Scanlan, Michael Scribner, and Zosia Zaks worked with colleagues in Academic Affairs as well as student employees, high school interns and folks from the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism to build an innovative program that benefits both the campus and the community. The EduCycle program (formerly known as CompuCycle) takes computers that have exceeded their lifespan in a computer lab or classroom and repurposes them for a second life either on campus or in local public schools. Volunteers recondition the computers and gain valuable job skills along the way. So far, they have reconditioned more than 760 computers for use on campus, and an additional 600 for use in Baltimore County, Harford County and Baltimore City schools. Their work has saved nearly $700,000 by repurposing computers instead of buying them new, not to mention reduced computer disposal costs for campus. The program is a model for using out-of-the-box thinking to develop creative and effective solutions.


Written by Tyler New

Photos by Sam Levitan for Towson University

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