Celebrating the people and projects of TU's Division of Administration and Finance

Personnel Announcement

Wondering what’s going on in the division? Look no further—upcoming events, recent new hires, and November birthdays are listed below. If you’d like to contribute an item to the personnel announcement, email adminfinance@towson.edu.


Did you know?

TU’s SECU Arena was listed as a Facility of Merit by Athletic Business. One judge said the following of the building: “This is an iconic, bold and graphically powerful arena, with an architectural design approach that clearly integrates the exterior with the interior.”


Upcoming Events

Office 365 is a powerful tool. Learn how to make it work for you at the next OTS training session November 4.

Support your Towson Tigers by wearing all black at the Blackout Game on Saturday, November 21!

Do you have questions about protecting your finances and identity? PNC presents “Keep it Safe” on Thursday, November 12 to help you answer these questions.


A&F Events from October

A&F held a team building activity, “Halloween Happening,” on Thursday, October 29. Different A&F groups brought decorated pumpkins in for judging, and boy was it close! The Tiger pumpkin below edged out the competition, nabbing first place.



New Hires

Jo-Ann Curtis, Parking Supervisor
Melody Dixon, Shuttle Bus Driver
Melissa Gallagher, Lead Teacher
Kenneth Guerrasio, Driver
Donald Koenig Jr. Training Support Associate
Timothy Hosier, Automotive Services Mechanic
Clinton Miles, IT Support Associate
Kelly Miller, High Speed Copier Oper II


November 1 – Herb Hollidge, Facilities Management
November 1 – Trevor Kuntz, OTS
November 1 – Mary Pat Pfeifer, Auxiliary Services
November 3 – Pamela Mooney, Auxiliary Services
November 4 – Kelly Crispo, Auxiliary Services
November 5 – Brian Dougherty, Facilities Management
November 5 – Sandy Mryncza, OTS
November 6 – Julie Hall, Fiscal Planning and Services
November 6 – Trisha Halstead, OTS
November 8 – Dave Elliott, Facilities Management
November 8 – Gerard Hessler, Facilities Management
November 8 – James Williams, Facilities Management
November 9 – Carol Wettersten, A&F VP Office
November 9 – Terri Kotschenreuther, Auxiliary Services
November 10 – Vickie Hook, Auxiliary Services
November 10 – Quentin Brown, Facilities Management
November 10 – Cathy Mattern, Fiscal Planning and Services
November 12 – Doug Brown, Auxiliary Services
November 12 – Walter Carter, Facilities Management
November 13 – Diane Sullivan, Auxiliary Services
November 13 – Paddy Watson, Facilities Management
November 14 — Nate Morehead, OTS
November 15 – Anthony Bland, Facilities Management
November 16 – Marcos Herrera, Auxiliary Services
November 17 – Linda Carter, Facilities Management
November 17 – Carla Hall, Human Resources
November 17 – Jenny Weiner, Office of Public Safety
November 17 – Brian Green, Facilities Management
November 18 – Phyllis May, Fiscal Planning and Services
November 19 – Ilene Grodzinsky, Auxiliary Services
November 23 – Dan Slattery, Auxiliary Services
November 23 – Trenton Gingerich, Auxiliary Services
November 25 – Clayton Woods, Facilities Management
November 26 – Bern Reed, Facilities Management
November 28 – Michael Mackin, Facilities Management
November 29 — Joseph Perkins, OTS
November 30 – Denise Fisher, Fiscal Planning and Services
November 30 – Jamie Hardin, OTS
November 30 — Siobhan Keplinger, Facilities Management

Written by Tyler New

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