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The future for 8 A&F grads


The road to commencement is a journey itself, but it’s just the beginning for eight of A&F’s most recent graduates. Read on to learn what employees from OTS, Facilities, Auxiliary Services, Public Safety, and Fiscal Planning & Services have planned for their post-commencement lives, including building eco-friendly houses and creating music:

heatherHeather Maguire, Financial Services Payroll Student Associate
Heather’s nursing journey began five years ago when she received the kind of phone call everyone dreads. Her best friend’s younger sister had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 12 years old. “It was a long year, but I will never forget the nurses who cared for her.  Somehow these extraordinary women made a miserable event bearable. The nurses were kind, compassionate and caring– in those months they became family.  I saw the passion the nurses had for their work and said to myself: ‘I am going to be a nurse.’”  With her nursing degree complete, Heather is hoping to secure a position at Johns Hopkins University or University of Maryland Medical Center.  She also plans to obtain her doctorate in Nursing Practice, which would allow her to begin her own practice.


bobbyBobby Zengel, Procurement Card Program Administrator
Bobby is a Procurement buyer and the department’s resident techie.  Recently, he opted to pursue his MBA while continuing to work full-time.  “I took an accelerated program and it was a lot of work, but I wanted to prepare for future management positions that I hope to hold at TU.  I love Procurement; but am open to a number of areas.” Bobby completed his degree in March and has since been enjoying the new found free-time.  “School took up every minute of my life.  Now I have time to focus on some overdue home improvement projects and catch-up with family.  I even treated myself to a Florida vacation with friends to see the O’s during spring training.”


roseRose Busaferro, Environmental Initiatives Graduate Assistant
Rose’s undergraduate mentor played a big role in her decision to pursue a degree in Environmental Science. “He really got me thinking about how amazing the natural world is, and that’s why I decided to work for the environment.” Flash forward seven years later and Rose has gone on to earn her master’s degree in the field. She has also been searching for the perfect doctoral program to further her education. In the meantime, she plans to stay in Baltimore working as a Passive House Consultant.  “Passive House is a standard of building that’s used to create energy efficient homes and buildings.  These innovative building techniques reduce heating and cooling costs by 80 percent.  I will be able to help design these buildings, identify problem areas, and make suggestions for building materials.  I am excited to play such an active role in this up-and-coming style of ecological friendly construction.”


steffanSteffan May, Environmental Health & Safety Student Employee
Just last month, Steffan acquired his real estate license while simultaneously completing his degree in sports management and business administration.  “I love being out and about talking with people every day. Put this all together with sales and marketing and it is the ideal career for me.” Steffan has a good feel for the business after learning the tricks of the trade from his parents, who own residential real estate brokerages. “I love watching my dad do business.  He builds and develops homes, too. So seeing the whole process of buying, rebuilding and selling from start to finish has been an amazing experience.” Steffan also has a few funny stories about working in the industry thus far. “One time my boss, a.k.a. my mom, and I were doing a showing on a house. The instructions specifically said do not let the cat out.  When my mom saw a cat sitting outside the door, she immediately thought the cat had gotten out of the house and she quickly let it in.  Later that day the family called my mom to ask why she let a stray cat into the house.  Needless to say, the owner’s cat had been hidden safely in the house all along.”


issayaIssaya Whitesides, University Union Student Building Manager
One of Issaya’s most memorable musical experiences was during his jazz combo group in high school. “We were working on a song in class when three older gentlemen walked into the room.  Our teacher introduced them as Billy Taylor, Benny Golson, and Curtis Fuller- three of the most legendary names in Jazz.  The class was able to talk to them and they even listened to us play, which is a pretty rare experience for a high school student. I’ll never forget that.” But Issaya’s love of music seems to be an inherent quality. “My father is a musician and introduced me to music at a very young age.  Ever since I can remember, I have dreamed of being a professional musician.” After graduation, Issaya plans on teaching music privately and playing around the Baltimore/D.C. areas with his jazz group known as the Issaya Whitesides Trio.  He also plays drums for a pop/rock group the Bootleggers.  Eventually, Issaya would like to pursue a master’s degree in music performance in New York.


amyAmy Moore, Office of Sustainability Student Compost Educator
In pursuing her career as an environmental educator, Amy hopes to start off with a year-long fellowship for either the Potomac Valley Audubon Society or work with a host organization for the Chesapeake Bay Conservation Corps. “I have always felt a close connection to nature and as a result have become very passionate about sustainability.  Ultimately, I feel that it is my life calling to educate people about the environment, instill a sense of appreciation for it, and inspire stewardship.” Amy has already made great gains in her field, as she was the recipient of the first Eco-Tiger award at TU.  Amy contributed to greening the campus, removed invasive species in the Glen, and also worked for Campus Rec Outdoor Adventures.


laurenLauren Banks, Facilities Management Student Employee
Lauren, a self-proclaimed lover of travel, has plans to visit New York and Spain this summer and has already begun to search for jobs in the D.C. metropolitan area, where she grew up.  “I love the atmosphere and there’s always plenty to do.  The city is sort of a central hub for me and my friends.”  Ideally, she hopes to land a job with a magazine publishing company or an HR department.  “A Mass Communications degree is extremely versatile, which is very useful in today’s competitive job market. This flexibility will allow me to travel and constantly expand my skill set throughout my career. Recently, I’ve been really impressed by the persuasive techniques behind advertising and PR and I plan to use my skills to work for organizations geared towards improving public health either physically or emotionally through things like body positive campaigns.”


zacZachary McGee, Student Computing Services Student Manager
Zac has always had an interest in the American political party system, voting coalitions and voting behavior.  He even interned on Capitol Hill and has volunteered for a few campaigns to get a better feel for what it would be like to work in Congress.  “I am fascinated with why people vote the way they do and why parties and candidates respond in the ways that they do to voters. Ultimately, I decided that the way I was going to have the biggest impact on this world was to educate others about politics, so that they can make informed decisions for our future.” Zac has plans to attend the University of Texas at Austin’s Ph.D. program in the fall to achieve his career goal of professor.


Written by Amy Juskus

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