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3 A&F employees share memories from the past 40 years

More than 80 Administration and Finance employees were honored for their service to the university at the Annual Service Awards Ceremony held May 13, 2015 in SECU Arena. The honorees included three A&F employees recognized for 40 years of service. Below, they share their memories and the history they’ve witnessed over the past four decades:

Maintenance Mechanic Marvin Edens
Marvin started working at Towson as a housekeeper in the mid 70’s. Owing to a good performance record, he was offered a position as a maintenance mechanic when the university moved housekeeping services to an outside contract. Ever since, Marvin has kept an eye on Cook Library and other campus buildings to ensure their systems work well and to help clean up from system failures, including one flood that damaged every floor of Cook. “We all pitch in and help each other,” Marvin says of his colleagues. “I may say on the radio, ‘There’s a flood over here,’ and people will shout back, ‘Need help?’ Everyone comes running.”

When Marvin first started working on campus, he took his daughters to ballet and gymnastics classes in Burdick, then he later watched his younger daughter graduate from TU. (That was a while ago–she’s now 37 years old.) Marvin has seen the rise of the Psychology Building, Lecture Hall and Hawkins Hall, and as he says “I’ve been around for four or five presidents too!” Joking aside, Marvin says “I was lucky to get a job here. The money isn’t always the best but there are good benefits and it’s a nice place to work. All you have to do is do your job and get along with people and you can make it here.”

IT Telecom Specialist Mike Lambdin

IT Telecom Specialist Mike Lambdin

IT Telecom Specialist Michael Lambdin
Michael Lambdin arrived at Towson before cable TV. In fact, he was part of the group that helped originally install cable as a special feature in the newly-opened Hawkins Hall, Pyschology Building and Lecture Hall. “As time went on, we got requests for cable in more and more buildings and it’s been my responsibility from day one,” Michael says. The technology has grown and changed much since then—from a couple channels in a couple buildings to the complex fiber optic system that now supplies nearly 100 channels to all campus buildings today—and yet Michael has been a part of all of it, growing and learning alongside the technology.

A brief stint at an off-campus job 30 years ago showed Michael that the grass isn’t always greener, and he came back to campus to stay. Although he says being here for 40+ years has it’s own oddities: “It’s very eerie when I think about how long I’ve been here. When I started out here I was almost the same age as a student and before I knew it my daughter was a student here. Now I’m old enough to be the grandparent of a student!”

Materiel Management Buyer David Schley

Materiel Management Buyer David Schley

Materiel Management Buyer David Schley
David Schley started working at Towson straight out of high school. Back then he says all the employees knew one another—a great advantage as it put him in the path of his future wife. “We were both working in the old Admin building, which is now Enrollment Services. I would walk by her area every day, and one day we started chatting. The rest was history.” The couple has been married for 31 years and his wife Gail still works on campus in Housing & Residence Life. The Towson tradition has also passed down to their children, one of whom graduated from TU.

Working at Towson has come full circle for David. He started out in Materiel Management doing receiving for the General Services Warehouse and working in Central Stores, which was like an internal office supply for departments. (Some of their hot items at the time were typewriter ribbons and duplicator fluid.) After spending some time in Fine Arts receiving, where he helped secure musical instruments, pottery clay and lumber for theatre sets, David was promoted to purchasing. He spent 19 years in Procurement before returning to Materiel Management in 2000, where he handles buying for Facilities trades and the General Services warehouse. “Towson has always been a good place to work,” David says. “Time flies when you’re having fun.”


In addition to the 40-year service award recipients, Administration and Finance had 22 employees honored for 25 years of service or more:

35 Years of Service
Mark Clark, Lock Shop Supervisor
Paula Clark, Event & Conference Services Executive Admin Assistant
Larry Dernetz, Printing Services Director
Laurie Jones, Bursar’s Office Associate Director
Susan O’Brien, OTS Application Administrator
Thom Ruby, Bursar’s Office Director
Levi Weathers, Landscape Services Grounds Supervisor

30 Years of Service
Martin Cruz, Materiel Management Storekeeper
Scott Rouch, Police Sergeant
Susan Walsh, Bursar’s Office Supervisor
Beth Walsh, Event and Conference Services Reservationist

25 Years of Service
Richard Boord, University Police
Robin Boord, Copies Plus Supervisor
Sherry McKendry, Human Resources Executive Admin Assistant
Michael Mellerson, Mail Services Driver
Gina Peach, Financial Services Systems Specialist
Randy Peaker, Human Resources Front Desk Associate
Jeff Schmidt, OTS Associate VP
Wade Sievers, Police Sergeant
Kim Tremper, Financial Services Accountant
Mardette Wetzelberger, Financial Services Business Process Administrator
Greg Wood, Envrionmental Health & Safety Assistant Director

Congratulations to all of the A&F honorees! See the full list of recipients on the Service Awards website.




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