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4 new campus improvements

The campus may have appeared calmer over winter break, but behind the scenes A&F staff were busy wrapping up projects before the start of the spring semester. Read on for four campus improvements that happened during the break, including two construction projects you may not have heard about.


1. More campus eateries allow online ordering
Skipping dining lines just got easier as new eateries were added to the Tapingo mobile app over the winter break.   In addition to Paws, 7720 Café and four other outlets, Au Bon Pain and Starbucks are now available for online ordering! Those without smartphones need not worry – Tapingo can also be accessed via a computer. Just sign up on the Tapingo website.  Once you have ordered your meal or that much-needed latte, the app will tell you exactly when you can pick it up.  As Dining Services Marketing Manager Beth Valle says, “The convenience that it provides for customers is unmatched.”


2. 7400 renovations complete
Originally built in 1968, the structurally-sound 7400 York Road building required systems overhauls (including a new elevator) to make it code-compliant and functional for the university. Occupants began moving into the renovated building today, following five months of construction. The upper floors now feature office space for TU offices and external businesses, and the first floor contains classroom space for the OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute.  Ken Keady, the project manager for the building, found the project’s tight schedule to be a worthy challenge.  “My favorite part was the installation of state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical systems.  The building now has a modern LED lighting control system and each floor is power monitored.  Not only does this help to reduce the amount of energy consumption [in the building], but we are also able to keep track of individual energy usage. Overall, this is a great new space for the university.”


3. Softball Facility gets much-needed updates
In addition to the 7400 building, Keady spent much of his winter break overseeing renovations to TU’s softball facility. The renovation project began in early August and is scheduled to finish February 12. The new facility has a updated drainage system that will alleviate previous flooding issues, as well as new batting cages with lights, a scoreboard, an audio system and field improvements that resolve potential Title IX compliance issues. The new grandstand and bleachers will also allow seating for 500 people, enabling TU to host NCAA games.  “It’s not only a state-of-the-art facility, but now more spectator-friendly,” Keady said. “This will be a big draw for prospective students and athletes. I am certainly looking forward to watching their first game!” Check out the completed project for yourself at the Tigers’ first home game February 25th.


4. 7720 Café has gone compostable
Over the break, you may have noticed some new containers and cutlery in the 7720 Café. Campus Planning and Sustainability Manager Paddy Watson gave us the scoop on the new products, which are compostable.  “Previously, many dining hall products were misdirected as recyclable or went to the landfill,” Paddy said. “Thanks to a collaborative effort between Chartwells, Auxiliary Services, and Facilities Management, 95% of the products you get in 7720 Café are now compostable or biodegradable.  The utensils are made of starch- if you put them into water they will dissolve!” Basically, all of the products labeled ECO are compostable, such as the clamshells and parfait containers.  Other products like soda bottles and yogurt containers are recyclable. Currently, compost bins are only available in the Café, so diners taking their food to-go must return compostables to the first floor. It’s a simple step that Paddy says has a significant impact. “By simply composting and recycling the proper products, we can really make a difference.”

Written by Amy Juskus

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