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2014 ACE Award finalists

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The Administration & Finance Commitment to Excellence Award is given annually to one non-exempt employee and one exempt employee who consistently provide outstanding performance. Beginning this year, a group ACE Award will also be given to a cross-unit group that significantly impacts departmental or university goals.

The 2014 ACE Award finalists are below, along with a brief description from their nomination form:


Non-Exempt Award Finalists

Derek Nord, Auxiliary Services
“Derek is not satisfied with the “status quo” and constantly looks for newer and more efficient ways of operation…He consistently displays a great attitude and willingness to contribute to projects, events and operational procedures.”

Don Sauer, Facilities Management (HVAC)
“Don is an outstanding problem-solver, diagnostician and craftsman. Furthermore, he is a doer. I have seen him repetitively undertake large, complex jobs that usually would be contracted out at a large cost.”

Kia Williams, Office of Public Safety
“Corporal Williams is a reassuring presence to parents and students. By sharing information and answering questions, she conveys that the TUPD shares their concern for safety. She is a great ambassador…she tirelessly represents the TUPD in a positive and professional manner.”


Exempt Award Finalists

Matt Curio, Auxiliary Services
“Matt is the cornerstone of the six event managers and often puts the department’s success above his personal desires. On average Matt produces more than 100 events per month—many of which require moving parts. He rises to the occasion of each event with positivity.”

June Hindle, Human Resources
“June’s sunny disposition and can-do attitude are always evident and infectious in all of her activities…she continues to recognize areas for process improvement and efficiency, and takes the initiative to problem solve and make necessary and beneficial changes.”

 Terry Love, OTS
“It is not uncommon to hear employees remark on Terry’s enthusiasm and gracious help…she is determined to make things better…her true spirit motivates others to make things better with her.”

Joe Sabbatt, Auxiliary Services
“Joe is always ahead of the game when it comes to Union projects. He recently implemented a building management process that…has gone a long way to secure the safety of the University Union. Whatever you need, Joe will always go the extra mile.”

Marie Weber, Facilities Management
“Marie is not afraid to go above and beyond her daily responsibilities to ensure that we are good stewards of all spending activities. She is instrumental in the efficient operation of Facilities’ day-to-day financial transactions…her work ethic, knowledge and abilities make our group run much smoother.”

Bobby Zengel, Fiscal Planning & Services
“He single-handedly revamped and consolidated existing spreadsheets and Visa databases, enabling us to complete in seconds some audit analyses that had taken much longer. His efforts enabled the university to cut its potential exposure to credit fraud virtually in half.”


Group Award Finalists

PACS Contingent (Mary Fortier, Cheryl Harris, Lorraine Hart, Raza Hasan, Vani Jupelly, Terry Love, Rick Morrocco, Karen Stukes and Barb Vollmer)
“This project required an immense amount of collaboration between departments at TU, other former Board of Trustee institutions, and the Central Payroll Bureau. The new system will greatly improve service to our contingent population, specifically by reducing the time to process transactions.”

Transportation & Facilities Employee Cross-Utilization (Tom Durange, Warren Riefner, Pauletta Riley, Adrianne Spann, Robert Walton)
“These individuals were able to implement a process that helps both departments while at the same time improves the work environment for dedicated employees. They are all willing to think outside the box to work with an unorthodox, cross-unit program that is a win for all involved.”


The 2014 ACE Award winners will be announced at the A&F Annual Meeting Wednesday, December 10 from 2:30 to 5 p.m. in the West Village Commons Ballrooms.

By Pamela Gorsuch

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