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A&F pioneers employee share

Parking and Transportation Services drivers lend a hand, painting Towson Town Garage.

Jacks of all trades: Parking and Transportation Services drivers lend a hand painting Towsontown Garage.

Work on a college campus ebbs and flows with the season. For some, academic breaks are a time to catch up and prepare for the semester ahead. For others—like Parking and Transportation Services drivers—it means less work hours and fewer wages.

“Most of our drivers go 3-4 months over the year without any income or have to find second jobs during the breaks,” said Pamela Mooney, director of Parking and Transportation Services. “Obviously this is difficult–most people need steady income.”

Facilities Management has the opposite problem: their workloads increase while they accomplish as much as possible without the tumult of students on campus. Both departments had a need, and after working with the Budget Office, Human Resources and Payroll, they developed a solution that benefited the departments and their employees.

The agreement is simple: interested Parking and Transportation Services drivers lend a hand to Facilities Management during academic breaks. As a result, both departments get the help they need during critical times, and their employees get consistent work. To date, eight employees have taken advantage of the agreement. One participant, Driver Robert Bucklew, says he’s thankful to TU for keeping drivers employed.

“Splitting time between driving and working for maintenance has been a good experience. My co-workers and I appreciate the effort to keep us working through the slower summer season, and the maintenance staff—especially Tom Durange —has been great about offering guidance and direction as we learn our new jobs.”

Having employees work for two departments is certainly unconventional, but it offers consistency, helps Parking to better attract and retain staff, and expands the pool of available staff during emergencies. When either department needs additional help, the time is given to drivers who want more hours.

By Lindsey Morgan

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