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The best stories from Commencement

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It’s the culmination of dozens of classes, hundreds of tests and countless hours of studying. Commencement is a time of joy and pride–for students receiving diplomas, for families cheering them on, and for TU employees whose work makes it all possible. Below, a few of the 38 A&F spring commencement volunteers share their experience…

fine arts commencement 20140103During the Fisher College of Science and Mathematics graduation, there was a young graduate in a wheelchair who needed the lift to get him up on stage. Once there, and with a determined look, he got up from the chair and used canes to walk across the stage to receive his diploma from President Loeschke.  The applause was deafening. – Lorraine Hart, Financial Services

It’s great to hear how proud & excited guests are; many have never been on campus before and remark on how beautiful it is. This year I drove a little boy dressed in his best suit and hat. When he saw the bronze tiger statue outside of the arena he was in awe!  He said, “Grandma, I’m coming here! Look how cool that tiger is! – Donna Auvil, Budget OfficeAM  May 23 14 0060

I saw members of a family sitting together in a line, each holding glittery blue letter placards on sticks.  I couldn’t figure out what they were until a graduate walked by and they all cheered, holding the letters up to spell ‘S-T-E-P-H-A-N-I-E’.  And yes, Stephanie saw them and started laughing! Nicely done folks. – Kevin Webb, OTS

My job was to ensure foot traffic stopped when golf carts were moving to and from the arena. As I stopped a group, a graduate’s father asked what the golf carts were for. When I explained they transported individuals needing special assistance, he said he was in need of special assistance. I asked how we could assist, and he said, “After going through this for four years I am in need of a Scotch!” We all had a hearty laugh– Jo Ann Joseph, HR

I’ve seen a dapper, 90-year-old grandpa in his shiny suit and hat struggle with a walker, bound and determined to make it inside to see his only grandson walk across that stage.  He arrived at least two hours early to make sure he had “the best seat” in the house and afterwards told me it didn’t matter where he sat, they were all “best seats”. – Donna Auvil, Budget Office

CBE commencement 31It was very nice to see the President give a hug to a few of the graduates as they walked across the stage. The looks on their faces were of pure pride. – Brian Starkloff, Financial Services

We had a family run up to us in a panic because their relatives took a wrong turn and ended up driving towards Atlantic City instead of Towson! We helped them leave tickets at the Will-Call office and they were so grateful! – Randy Peaker, HR

I had a lot of grandparents boasting about the number of grandchildren they’d seen graduate from college. But no matter if they were on their second, third or fourth grandchild graduating, the look on their face showed that they were enjoying it as if it were their first. – Jean West, Office of Public Safety

Here are some other inspiring moments from this year’s Commencement (including Doc graduating and some crazy cap art!), if you care to see:

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