Celebrating the people and projects of TU's Division of Administration and Finance

Personnel Announcement

Wondering what’s going on in the division? Look no further—new hires, birthday announcements and more are featured here! If you’d like to contribute an item to the personnel announcement, email adminfinance@towson.edu

Did You Know…
Say goodbye to frequent archiving: OTS is working on a significant email upgrade that will make faculty and staff email quotas 200 times bigger. Stay tuned to T3 in the coming months for information about the Office 365 project.

In The News
Towson mobile app upgrades (Towerlight)
Crime alert system updated (Towerlight)
TU recognized for its Go Green efforts (CBS)
Towson listed as one of Maryland’s greenest colleges (Baltimore Sun)

New Hires
Please join us in giving a warm welcome to these new A&F employees:

Robert Bucklew Jr. – shuttle bus driver, Parking & Transportation Services
John Harris Jr. – maintenance mechanic, Facilities Management
Jacob Smith – director, finance and systems, Auxiliary Services
Jeremy Ottley – custom publishing coordinator, University Store 
Felicia Payton – shuttle bus driver, Parking & Transportation Services

May 1 – Tom Alcide, OTS
May 2 — Beverly Lang, Bursar’s Office
May 3 – Randy Peaker, Human Resources
May 4 – Jim Monroe, OTS
May 4 — Tasanna Henry, Auxiliary Services
May 5 — Wenqi Topping, Auxiliary Services
May 7 – Nick Gingue, Auxiliary Services
May 7 –Connie Proffitt, Bursar’s Office
May 7 – Ann Darr, Auxiliary Services
May 8 – Joe Oster, Auxiliary Services
May 8 –Dorothy Proctor, University Budget Office
May 8 – Dave Schroeder, OTS
May 11 — Kate Scanlan, OTS
May 11 – Phillip Morgan, Facilities
May 11 – Dave Rose, Facilities
May 15 – Jeff Clark, Facilities
May 16 – Karen Michalak, OTS
May 16 – Betty White, Bursar’s Office
May 16 — Katie Simmons-Barth, Auxiliary Services
May 17 – Jonathan Lindhorst, Facilities Management
May 18 – John Logan, Facilities
May 19 – Sidney Thomas, Auxiliary Services
May 20 – Carl Heckler, Facilities Management
May 21 — Irwin Browder, Auxiliary Services
May 22 – Craig Hirsh, Facilities Management
May 22 – Keith Combs, Facilities Management
May 23 – Susan Fata, Auxiliary Services
May 23 – Ed Millard, Facilities
May 23 – Shawn Rauscher, Facilities
May 26 – Myron Esterson, Auxiliary Services
May 26 –Sandy Levin, Financial Services
May 26 – Charise Rice, Auxiliary Services
May 26 –Jeff Sutton, Procurement
May 28 –Lorraine Hart, Financial Services
May 29 – Sarah Fike, Auxiliary Services
May 31 – Rick Morrocco, Human Resources
May 31 – Sandra White, Bursar’s Office

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