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Osler bridge: a timeline of progress

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The creation of the pedestrian walkway above Osler Drive took a great step forward this month as workers installed the main steel components of the structure. In less than a week, the project went from being two disconnected foundations to a full-fledged bridge—thanks to the round-the-clock efforts of contractors and Facilities Management staff taking advantage of the Osler Drive closure during spring break.

While traffic impacts aren’t over yet, Construction Services Director Scott Guckert says the main inconveniences are behind us.

“There will be intermittent lane closures as the project goes on but we don’t anticipate needing to close the entire road again,” Scott said.

The bridge is part of phase two of the Campus Site & Safety Project. In addition to the creation of the bridge, the project will also restore the Towsontown stream and construct a pedestrian walkway from Linthicum Hall (near the beach) along Cook Library to Newell Hall. The project is scheduled to be complete this September. For more information on the project, go to the Current Construction website.

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