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Meet the staff: Bob Campbell

AVP of Fiscal Planning & Services Bob Campbell

The products of A&F’s efforts are visible everywhere on campus, but the people behind them often aren’t. Associate Vice President (AVP) of Fiscal Planning and Services Bob Campbell is one of those people. Not only is he responsible for several key campus projects; he’s also a contributor to the community feeling within the division.

Bob started working for A&F in 1985 as retail operations manager in the University Union, then worked his way up to Auxiliary Services’ director of finance and systems. In that position, Bob worked on major contracts, including those with Pepsi, and oversaw technology for the department. When Joe Oster became Vice President of A&F, Bob was tapped as the interim AVP of Auxiliary Services, and late last year he became AVP of Fiscal Planning and Services. In short, Mr. Campbell has played many roles in helping the campus run smoothly over the past 29 years. He says he’s enjoyed being a part of the division since the beginning.

“A&F has a lot of good people doing good work,” he said. “It’s a great group of people who are passionate about TU. I also enjoy the A&F events that are unique to the division.”

Bob and I briefly digressed from the interview at this point, discussing the great environment A&F has. We both agreed that the division is not just a bunch of number crunchers who log their 40 hours and leave; A&F employees are genuinely interested in each other. It’s this sense of community, Bob says, that makes his current position a “dream job.” Campbell is interested in both business and technology, and the position allows him to indulge both interests. And most importantly, he believes in the importance of what he’s contributing to.

“The product of what we’re working on is student success and graduation. We’re not working on Wall Street—the result of my work is something meaningful. I can’t ask for anything more.”

That said, when I asked Bob if his current position is his only dream job, he smiled.

“If I could swallow a magic pill that improved my golfing abilities, I’d become a pro golfer,” Bob said. “In reality, though, the dream jobs are here. I work towards something meaningful in a great environment.”

What’s a dream job without a little fun? Bob has, no doubt, created myriad memories with the division during his tenure at TU. His most memorable occurred at a Fourth of July parade with Joe Oster and Ralph Valle.

“We rented a limo and did a spoof of Bill Clinton. Joe Oster wore a Clinton mask and waved to the crowd while Ralph and I dressed as secret agents. The crowd loved it, and we were invited back.”

With such experiences, I am not surprised that Campbell lists his job as ideal. I was also not surprised to learn at the end of the interview that Bob is a family man; it makes sense that someone who places so much importance on community would also value family time. When he is not at work, Campbell visits relatives and spends time with his wife and kids. And, of course, he takes time to enjoy the outdoors by golfing.

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By Tyler New

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