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Student rebates go electronic with DOC

Pam Gorsuch

By Pamela Gorsuch

Direct deposit is the new norm, but it wasn’t always that way for students receiving rebates from TU. In the past, those students had to wait in line to receive a paper check at the Bursar’s Office, then trek to a local bank to cash it.

Now, thanks to the Disbursement Online Center (DOC) launched in collaboration with PNC bank, students can sign up to receive rebates via secure direct deposit or mail. That means that the 22,000 student rebates processed annually get to their recipients faster and in a format that’s more convenient, without any added cost for them.

“We hope to make rebates a happier and easier process for students,” said Mike Oakley, assistant director of operations for the Bursar’s Office. “Students can choose to receive their rebates in the format most convenient for them—no more rushing over to the Bursar’s Office to wait in line.”

The new process is also more efficient for the Bursar’s Office. The past method of paper distribution forced the office to dedicate almost their entire staff to distributing rebates during critical times. Now, the system’s automation will make their workload more flexible—allowing staff to focus on other Bursar responsibilities.

The DOC launched in late November, and more than 3,400 students have signed up to date. For more information on DOC, go to http://Towson.edu/rebates.

A sample of the marketing materials distributed to students to inform them about DOC.

A sample of the marketing materials distributed to students to inform them about DOC.

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