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Meet the staff: Sidney Thomas

By Tyler New

By Tyler New

As regular readers of this blog know, I am an English major. This places me in a small group of people, as only 8 percent of undergraduates major in the humanities. I feared I may be the lone English major in A&F until I learned about Sidney Thomas, a former English major who joined the division this fall.

Like many English majors—including myself—Sidney intended to pursue a career in law as a youth; or, as she put it, she “knew” law was the career for her. She lists analyzing, creating, writing and interacting with people as some of her interests, so such a career seemed apt. Sidney’s next career choice, chosen in college, was teaching—also appropriate for such interests. It seemed as if Sidney would teach “indefinitely,” but that, too, was supplanted by another position involving words: program and communications assistant for Parking & Transportation Services.

Sidney wanted to expand her horizons and utilize her English degrees in a field that did not involve teaching, and she says that Towson is a great place to do it. In her current communications position, she is able to draw upon her wealth of writing experience and her mastery of the English language; she not only has the expertise synonymous with teaching grammar, but she has also been published for her personal writing.

I suspect that this accomplished writer and former Language Arts teacher will serve the division well, both in writing related tasks and beyond. Sidney’s qualifications go beyond those measurable on paper: through my interactions with her, and through her answers to my interview questions, I found that she is personable and has a great sense of humor, which are helpful traits in communications. I was not expecting the answer to my question “Is there anything you’d like mentioned in your article?” being “I love omelets but hate scrambled eggs.” I appreciated the humorous curveball during one of the most stressful times of the term.

Other things you should know about Sidney? She says, “I love cooking from scratch, trying new restaurants, reading, writing (poems, articles and short stories), watching movies, shopping, traveling, spending time with family, pictures and the beach.” I am not surprised to hear such eclectic interests from an interesting individual. I will also not be surprised when Sidney produces exceptional work in her new position.

Parking & Transportation Services' Program & Communications Assistant Sidney Thomas

Parking & Transportation Services’ Program & Communications Assistant Sidney Thomas

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