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What’s ‛APPening in OTS?

by Bob Cave

Apps, apps, apps!  There are camera apps, music apps, cooking apps, and productivity apps. We may not all have washboard “apps,” but we do have apps for laps on maps. And, afterward, we’ve apps for naps. We’ll use an app to buy a cap, or just to find another app. The rapping, tapping, yapping apps might lead us all to drinking schnapps (or those less spirited to making frappes). But apps have got us and there’ll be no relapse.

If you are a smartphone user, you probably rely on a number of favorite apps to stay informed, organized, and entertained.  And, if you’re like me, your mind is bursting with important questions, such as “is there an app out there of which I am not yet aware that is perfectly suited to my needs?” (Yes, yes, I will get a life. But first, let me finish this article.) It is that question which compels me to read anything titled “Top __ Apps” and has me thinking about my own professional backyard.

So, what apps are favored by the “tappers and swipers” of OTS? Well, I asked – and here’s what I learned:

Among the 19 OTS staffers who kindly responded, there was no clear Top 10, or even Top 5. But considering that the number of available apps is in the high hundreds of thousands and that users are rarely without them, it probably shouldn’t surprise us that app collections are as varied and personal as their owners. But you, fine reader, want names and numbers.

Of the 89 distinct apps identified in this not-even-remotely-scientific survey, here is a rundown of those mentioned more than once:

Apps identified by at least two respondents comprise our third place category; they are “CamScanner,” “Evernote,” “Facebook,” “Google Drive,” “Google Maps,” “Instagram,” “LastPass,” “Mint,” “OneNote,” “Remember the Milk,” “Shazam,” “The Simpsons Tapped Out,” “Waze,” “Yelp!,” and “YouTube.”

Identified by three respondents, “GasBuddy” took second place. And, with five fans each, “Flashlight” and “TowsonU” tied for first. Interestingly enough, these top apps are both well suited for those seeking illumination, albeit in different contexts. If you’re unfamiliar with the “TowsonU” app, why not give it try? It really is useful.

Finally, the also-ran “Fart Studio” deserves honorable mention owing to its high-ranking source, but don’t expect me to divulge that source any time soon.

If you want to learn more about these titles, run them through your favorite web search engine or install a few on your smartphone and give them a spin—every title mentioned here is free. Enjoy your apps!

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  1. Sherry McKendry

    Bob, you never fail to amuse…..TU’s own Mark Twain! Thanks for the delightful article!

  2. Mark Addy

    Fun article Bob. Wish I had the Aptitude to write in such a clever way.

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