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Microsoft Lync, a Great New Program for Everyone

The digital age is a fascinating era; computer and Internet technologies allow unprecedented new ways to share and get information and communicate. As a university, we here at Towson are lucky enough to use this technology for learning, teaching, conducting business, growing and evolving, and generally sharing and extending the Towson experience – in short, we get to take full advantage of the digital age.

Unfortunately, there are disadvantages to technology – as we all know. For all the benefits, technology also creates new problems to be solved. The numerous programs, passwords, websites and so on can quickly stir up a headache – to say nothing of “efail,” as Michael Bachman, OTS, has termed the overwhelming tangle of emails we all know so well.

Enter Microsoft Lync, a new program available free of charge to all TU faculty and staff. Students can attend faculty/staff hosted meetings.. Lync is a one-stop shop for communications. It offers video chats, video conferences, telecommuting and instant messenger. Do you want to make sure so-and-so knows that you received their last email, but don’t want to send another email? Send them a quick instant message! Voila, less inbox clutter! Do you need to walk to a meeting across campus, but it’s raining outside? Video Conference! (Admittedly, you should probably use an umbrella instead of Lync, but the point is that you could use Lync.)

But wait! There’s more! (This is turning into an infomercial) You can set up online meetings with invites that sync directly to Outlook calendars. You now have an alternative to acquiring a WebEx host account and passwords. Multiple users can collaborate and work on the same document, at the same time. Tired of holding a telephone? Lync can do conference calls!

But wait, that’s not all it does! Lync has more features than I have time to tell you about, and its versatility means the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Lync is like everything Billy Mayes ever sold combined into the ultimate, most awesome thing ever, and then you called in the next 10 minutes for twice as much awesomeness at no extra cost (except separate S&H)…

So call in the next 10 minutes!

But really, go online and take the Lync tutorial NOW to be entered to win a prize. Seriously, I’m not joking about the prize drawing.

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