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Meet the Staff: Cheryl Harris

By Carla Hall

By Carla Hall


When in need of advisement concerning your annual leave, sick leave or personal leave, Cheryl Harris of Human Resources Time and Leave Associate is available for consultation.

Cheryl was hired on May 17, 2005 as a part-time Administrative Assistant for the Training and Development Unit of the Human Resources Office. In that position, Cheryl assisted the Training and Development Manager in registering employees, preparing materials for workshops, maintaining the training room schedule and coordinating meetings.  She worked part-time because she was the owner of a convenience store and was a seasonal manager of Jackson Hewitt Tax Services—both positions demanded most of her time.

On October 2, 2006, Cheryl joined the Benefits and Leave Unit in the Office of Human Resources as a full-time Human Resources Associate.  Cheryl was hired to undertake the daunting task of becoming the University’s timekeeper for all regular staff, faculty and contingent employees. The position also involves processing all regular employees and faculty timesheets (both paper and electronic), leave corrections, revising and performing leave audits. .

Yes, the task sounds insurmountable, but Cheryl handles her job with flare and tenacity.

Cheryl Harris

Cheryl Harris

Cheryl’s dedication to the University is so great that when her mother was ill, Cheryl being her primary caretaker, Cheryl would take work home to ensure the Benefits and Timekeeping Unit would continue to run smoothly.

In a year’s time Cheryl processes thousands of timesheet leave requests and performs hundreds of leave audits, in addition to terminations.  She is also a part of the weekly Connections session that discusses leave and timesheet completion with newly hired or status change employees.  Cheryl’s job is crucial because she works very close with the Payroll Office to resolve timesheet issues and to ensure that weekly deadlines are met. She understands the complexity of establishing and maintaining precise calculations concerning the accuracy of employee leave.

Cheryl says, “I love what I do; no task is too big or too small. I am here to assist in any way that I can.”

Dave Curtis, Benefits and Leave Manager indicates, “Cheryl takes great pains to ensure employees understand the guidelines and regulations that govern our leave system, especially in those cases that require tactfulness and most importantly compassion to handle each employee with care in a non-judgmental fashion.” 

Cheryl is a great asset to the Office of Human Resources and to the entire TU community at large; we applaud her great efforts and her tireless, endless hours of clicking away on her calculator!

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