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Smith Hall Expansion and Renovation

By Tyler New

By Tyler New

The Division of A&F’s commitments to improving the quality of students’ learning experiences and to improving TU’s environmental friendliness has come together in its plan to renovate Smith Hall.

Issues have arisen recently regarding both Smith Hall’s lack of academic space and the quality of academic tools. Students have voiced complaints about not having sufficient room for completing lab exercises and about not being able to get lab equipment to work. Such complaints are not unsubstantiated – Smith Hall was built in 1976.

Prominent members of A&F decided that the best solution to this problem is to expand Smith Hall by about 106,000 square feet—and rightly so. Expanding Smith Hall will not only enhance students’ learning experiences, but the new design of Smith Hall will also reduce energy use by about 20 percent. The $156 million project serves as both an answer for an immediate problem and as a long term investment that will save the environment from further harm and will save the university money.

All TU students are required to take at least two science classes in order to graduate. As a student who is currently taking a Biology class that meets in Smith Hall, I feel safe saying that the majority of the student body welcomes these changes.

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