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OTS Team Steps Out

By Samantha Knight

By Samantha Knight

The OTS Information Technology Support Centers Team (OTS Training, Web Team, CIAT, Multimedia Services, Instructional Design, and Blackboard groups) has made an effort to step out of the office and become more familiar with the people and places around Towson University.  Recently, we were fortunate to visit two different sites in one week.

The week started with a tour of the redesigned television studio located in the Media Center.  The studio is used for Electronic Media and Film classes, as well as for production of WMJF-TV.com shows.  David Reiss, associate professor in the Electronic Media and Film Department and technical coordinator of WMJF-TV.com, explained the updated control room and was able to demonstrate to us the virtual sets that are now available.  Some of us tried out the set while others stayed back in the control room to see the magic happen.  It was very exciting, especially for all the video people on our team! 2012-11-16 15.38.49

Later in the week, we had a private tour with Mike Harris from Athletics around the new Tiger Arena.  We took an hour out of the day and ventured over to the new building to see the seats being installed, walls being built, and many other projects that were going on during that time.  Mike explained where they were in the timeline and what will be built over the next few months. We’re very excited to go back at the beginning of May to see the finished product!

2012-11-16 15.52.08

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