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by Donna Auvil

It started with a phone call and it became “stuff a cubicle”.

Cyndie Constantino, called her close friends Deanna Martinez and Donna Auvil to ask  for any possible donations for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  She was organizing a small truckload of donations to be delivered to New Jersey and knew that Donna and Deanna were always ready to help in these types of situations.

Cyndie called back about an hour later and said due to overwhelming donations and people helping out, she now had a fleet of 25 trucks that would be going to New York and New Jersey.

Not to be outdone by her friends, Deanna decided to send out the request to the departments of Fiscal Planning

The cubicle stuffed with donations for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

and Services to ask them for donations as well.  With generous donations from the University Budget Office, Financial Services, Human Resources and Procurement, Donna and Deanna have collected donations that now fill a large cubicle in their area.

“The response has been overwhelming,” said Deanna.  “I knew we could count on our friends at Towson.”

Deanna and Donna have also collected donations from their families and friends to add to the donation cubicle!  Angie Hall, University Budget Office, reached out to her Girl Scout troop and brought in multiple bags of donations.  Everyone has pitched in to help sort the clothing donations and box or bag them up so that they are ready for the Thursday pickup.

“Maryland was super lucky this time,” said Donna. “Next time it might be us who need the help.”  Donna, Deanna and all of the staff firmly believe in “paying it forward.”  You never know when you are going to need it!

Special thanks to all of those that contributed!

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