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Pumpkins on Parade: Pumpkin Decorating Fundraiser

by Pamela Mathias

How to have a “Spook-tacular” fundraiser…

First, you buy a pumpkin.  Now, pick a storybook theme, add plenty of creativity, and what do you get? Money! A LOT of money!

18 hard working University Union based teams carved out time from their busy schedules to create pumpkin masterpieces to benefit the SGA group Students Helping Honduras.  The participants paid a $5 entry fee and used a real pumpkin (or a member of the pumpkin family) with original art supplies to create a storybook character.

The finished pumpkins were displayed on the second floor lobby of the University Union during October 31 and November 1.  Faculty, staff and students were encouraged to vote for their favorite creation by dropping spare change into its designated jar.  The pumpkin earning the most cash won first place.

“The competition was fierce.  People really got into it!  But everybody had a wonderful time participating,” said Jeannie Deckelbaum, Associate Director of Events & Conference Services.

Everybody had a great time and enjoyed the opportunity to get creative.  Entries included pumpkins made up to resemble: The Hungry Caterpillar, Charlotte’s Web, Give a Mouse a Cookie, Angry Birds, Humpty Dumpty, Pinocchio, Papa Smurf, and many others.

“There were so many amazing pumpkins!  I could tell that people put so much work into them.  I couldn’t pick just one, so I had to put change in a few jars!”  said Karen Childs, University Union Building Supervisor.

“Baltimore’s Storybook Romance”

1st Place Grand Prize ANDWinner for Creativity and Originality went to Beth Walsh and Brooke Jacobs, of Event & Conference Services.  Beth and Brooke’s design, “Baltimore’s Storybook Romance,” raised $154.84!  The Award for Best Presentation and Theme went to Jerri Sumwalt and Kelly Crispo, of Auxiliary Services, for their amazing “Doc the Tiger Pumpkin.”

“Doc the Tiger Pumpkin”

Second and Third Place Winners were chosen by the following judges: Thom Ruby from the Bursar’s Office, Tom Cascella from the Center for the Arts, and Roy Cubbler from Chartwells Dining Services. Keegan Abernathy, vice president of Students Helping Honduras stated, “This fundraiser has been an amazing opportunity to pull everyone together for a good cause.  It raised $680 and will assist us with our goal to build a girls’ home in rural Honduras.  Everyone needs to be thanked for their involvement!”

Due to the popularity and financial success of this fundraiser, be prepared to see the 2ndAnnual Pumpkins on Parade next year.  The only question: What are the limits of pumpkin creativity?  What will we see next year?  We’ll need to wait to find out!

Money raised for Students Helping Honsuras

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