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Halloween Festivities

by Eric Martinez

The ubiquitous memories of a time not so far away seem to encompass my everyday life. As the season shifts from summer to fall, the changing of the leaves triggers a serotonin rush where I’m transported to my early childhood ‘trick-or-treat’ outings. I trolled through the streets of Colorado in my Spiderman costume, acting as if there were no worries in the world, looting for candy.

I wandered from mid-afternoon (pre-evening – or what-have-you) through the late hours of the night, knocking on every door so I could to fill my pillowcase full of candy; this is irony at its finest, since I wasn’t a huge candy eater. I know what you’re probably thinking, “what kid dislikes candy?” Well, for me, it was more of a hunt. I would spend the following weeks selling my candy to the kids at school…this was my first attempt at starting a small business.

Now that I’m older, I have come to appreciate All Hallows Eve a lot more and now I’m able to watch the kids Trick-or-Treat through my neighborhood. The only difference between then and now is that there is no snow. Back in those days, we had to fit our costumes around our snow gear. It’s kind of hard to be a goblin, Frankenstein, or a zombie doctor when you’re puffed out like a marshmallow (I’m just saying).

So what does this have to do with Administration and Finance? Well, over the past four years, Financial Services, Procurement, and the University Budget Office played host to a Halloween potluck, where employees were allowed to dress up and enjoy the fun-filled activities.

The potluck held a plethora of food, beverages, games, and fortune-telling. Ah yes, the infamous Madam Alexandria (also known as Cathy Mattern in her daily life), read Tarot cards and predicted the future of interested or skeptical participants in dire need of life guidance.

Unfortunately this year, the Halloween activities will not be happening. Don’t fret! It’s nothing permanent. The timing of the party coincides with another event, so it will have to be postponed until next year.

For the kids at heart, myself included, I still like to dress up for my favorite holiday. When the kids show up at my door, I want to make sure that they feel like they came to the ‘rock-star’ place, so I dress up in full Halloween regalia while passing out candy. I give you full authority to laugh at my expense!

Enjoy the season! And remember, you’re never too old to have fun!

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