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Survey Conducted: Mouthwatering Changes Ensue

by Tyler New

TU has plenty of on-campus eateries. In order to ensure that there would not be a discrepancy between quality and quantity, Auxiliary Services conducted the Chartwell’s Roundtable survey last fall.

About 40 managers interviewed a wide range of faculty, staff, and students on TU’s campus for two days. The results of the survey inspired several changes to various dining halls on campus.

These changes include: the introduction of a salad and wrap station at Brick Street, the relocation of Roadside BBQ from Newell Den to West Village and the addition of Asian-centric Fresh Fusions at Newell Den.

In addition relocating eateries and adding new conventional dining options, TU dining expanded both its technological and cultural horizons. It can be argued that the Glen dining hall best exemplifies the recent improvements to the dining halls.

Recent additions to the Glen dining hall have set it apart from other on-campus eateries. It now has LCD screen menu boards that present the dining options in an organized fashion and explain what the foods are in greater detail. The Glen has also expanded the diversity of its selections with the addition of Hallal options, or foods that meet the standards of Islamic laws.

Auxiliary Services has outdone itself with the recent improvements in TU dining. Only one problem now exists: which dining hall will one choose to eat at?


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