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Meet the Staff: Jessica Watson

by Eric VanLieshout

by Eric VanLieshout

Does anyone know a really good place in town to get really good sushi?

I love sushi, yet I can’t really answer that question. Like any good creature of habit, I always go to the same place, never bothering to think twice. It now occurs to me that I have been in the same area for 13 years and never bothered to explore my surroundings.

Jessica Watson, however, moved here to do just that: explore and learn. The new Business Travel Associate at TU, Watson sought out a job here to experience what she termed the “open and diverse” nature of Towson, Md.


Jessica Watson, Business Travel Associate

A native of south-central Pennsylvania, she graduated from Cabrini College with Bachelor degrees in psychology, sociology, and religious studies. Yet she had an interest in finances, and after graduation worked in higher education and finance departments. She enjoys working with money, but explains that her accounting career is actually about helping others. So for her, the Business Travel Associate position is a perfect fit.

For those who do not know about the business travel working fund, it is not, as I thought, an expense account. Jessica works to facilitate university related travel for those whom cannot afford the business trips their work may require. If you need to travel but cannot afford the trip, Jessica can help make it happen.

And she finds TU to be a perfect fit, as well. The school has lived up to its reputation for being friendly and helpful that first attracted Jessica here. She likes the opportunities available for advancement and learning, and the supportive nature of her co-workers. “Soon, I’ll be conducting training for others,” Watson said, excited about a new way to help others and give back to the job she loves.

Outside the office, Ms. Watson enjoys other TU opportunities. Admitting she might be a “nerd,” she loves learning and is hoping to attend graduate classes at the University. In her free time, Watson explores the opportunities provided by the “open and diverse” area round her.  Specifically, she enjoys the culinary arts and takes full advantage of myriad restaurants and palates the area offers. Bahama Breeze is her favorite, but Jessica is currently fishing around for a top-notch sushi restaurant – one with the par-excellence atmosphere, service, and food required for a 5-star dining experience.

So, does anyone know a really good sushi restaurant?

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  1. Lee Warner

    Great sushi restaurant in Cockeysville, York Road, Umi Sake

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