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Tweet for Towson

by Eric VanLieshout

Social media is an easy and fun way to stay involved at Towson University. But did you know it is also an effective tool for advancing the university and making TU a better institution? As the internet becomes increasingly less ethereal in its effects, social media allows an unprecedented ability to extent tendrils far and wide across the digital realm. Back in the real world, this generates increasing interest in TU which leads to more students, more faculty and staff, and an increasingly prestigious reputation. In short, social media allows new opportunities for the university to grow and flourish.

That said, this only happens when people interact with Towson’s social media presences, so we need people to get involved. Don’t just read – comment, tag and post! Follow the twitter feeds of your favorite on-campus groups and share your great TU experiences through tweets and Facebook posts. To make it even easier to get involved and make a difference, below are some links to various Towson Twitter Handles and Facebook pages, in addition to the twitter feed embedded in Dollars & Common Sense. Log on, jump in, & help out!

Twitter: @TowsonU  @TowsonUNews  @TowsonTigers

@OTSTraining  @TUnutrition  @UStoretweets @TUGoesGreen






This is only a very short sampling, so don’t hesitate to click the links to more TU pages and twitter feeds! There are so many, you’ll be amazed with what you can find – and the fun you’ll have finding it!

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