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OTS TechHelp System Coming this Fall

by Mark Addy

So what’s the buzz coming out of the Office of Technology Services (OTS) this summer?  It’s all about TechHelp, the new service request tracking system that is being readied for fall implementation, with the goals of standardizing the intake and tracking of client requests throughout OTS, while providing clients improvements in logging, monitoring and interacting with their service requests.

The project was announced to OTS staff by CIO Jeff Schmitt in late May.  “My goal,” he said, “is to improve customer service by simplifying our intake process and becoming more efficient at how we conduct business behind the scenes in OTS.”  He identified specific goals involving the handling of service requests, the development of clear metrics and consistent reporting, and the procedures for maintaining TechHelp over the long haul.  He also named OTS directors Mark Addy and Michael Bachman as project managers.

Addy and Bachman established eight project teams to facilitate specific aspects of TechHelp implementation, including the development of OTS-wide standards and practices, a comprehensive understanding of the workflow associated with resolving all service requests, system configuration and installation, testing, reporting, and ongoing quality assurance.  Work on the project ensued quickly, and many OTS employees have contributed their efforts throughout the summer.  Now TechHelp is nearing readiness for a phased-in launch later this month.

Addy is enthusiastic about the benefits of TechHelp within OTS; he said, “Good service organizations are friendly, fast, detail oriented, and more than anything, extremely consistent. In addition, successful service organizations have methods for measuring and reporting on how they’re doing, and can easily identify areas where process improvement will result in quicker issue resolution for the customer or where the same service can be performed with less effort.”

Later this fall, OTS will deploy new client-side TechHelp features to the campus.  TechHelp will include a self-service portal for University employees to submit and monitor their own service requests, and the ability to interact with those requests via email updates.  Bachman states, “it will allow people to report problems or initiate support requests 24/7 – or even better, not have to submit a request at all since the system will provide immediate answers to frequently asked questions. The system will be made available to college and departmental technology service providers, too. They are a valued and critical part of the overall campus technology support network and we’re delighted to extend the system’s capabilities to make their jobs easier.”

Additional information about TechHelp will appear in Daily Digest articles as the implementation proceeds.

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