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Derecho Can’t Hold Us Down

by Eric Martinez

Fiscal Year End can be a gruesome time of year for the Division of Administration and Finance; there are a lot of hours that go into maintaining a smooth transition between the two fiscal years and there are several areas – within the division – that are highly impacted during this time of year.
Friday June, 29, the campus was heading out the door and looking forward to a warm relaxing weekend.  While our weekend activities commenced, a storm known as a derecho traveled over 700 miles, from Iowa to the East Coast, creating havoc along its path.  In the height of its destruction, the storm knocked out several thousand trees, causing hundreds of thousands of people to go without electricity.  Our campus was a casualty taken out by the torrential storm.
Facilities Management came in the following Saturday and stayed in contact with BGE to assess the situation and communicate the campus outages; Campus Police did an excellent job updating and communicating the campus community with closing and outage updates.
Monday morning came and all but one building was fully restored with power.  The occupants of the Administration building were instructed to stay at home since the building had limited access.  While some employees enjoyed an extended weekend, several departments in the Administration building had to make other accommodations to make sure that the start of Fiscal Year 2012 closing sailed in the right direction.
The Office of Technology Services had to house 21 individuals from the Administration building for two days.  Accounts Payable, Payroll, the PeopleSoft Financials Team, Procurement, Working Fund, and the University Budget Office had to double and triple up in cubicles to ensure an easy transition.  I say this lightly because we all know how uncomfortable it is to be in an unfamiliar space.
Lynn Kimmel had to deploy her staff to other locations; Steve Kettinger assisted with connecting computers and laptops, printers, and he hand carried the Quicken computer and printer from the Administration building to Cook Library.  When it is essential for our staff to relocate, we forget about the software that is setup on our computers.  With that said, Nathaniel Leonard assisted with the software installation needed to transmit files and Becky Mundschenk assisted with payroll processing issues.
The Office of Human Resources had to do last minute planning as well.  Plans were made to transition the New Employee Orientation, if the Administration building was not up and running, to another location.  While these efforts go unnoticed by outsiders, it is important to highlight the dedication of our staff.
“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!”  We have a great staff and the Division of Administration and Finance wanted to give a special thank you to: Facilities Management, Environmental Health & Safety, Campus Police, Office of Human Resources, Al Lagos, Barb Vollmer, Becky Mundschenk, Bobby Zengel, Brian O’Connell, Cyndi Zile, Deanna Martinez, Debbie Asbury, Denise Fisher, Ellie Watts, Eric Martinez, Jamie Uppercue, Jeanne Lambdin, Jeff Sutton, Jessica Watson, Joyce Gibson, Julie Hall, Keith Brown, Linda O’Connor Lorraine Hart, Lucy Slaich, Lyn Kimmel, Mike Horney, Nathaniel Leonard, Nisar Kahn, Sandy Levin, Stephanie Herpick, Steve Kettinger, Stuart Heilman, Sue Brodie and Terry Love.
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