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Meet the Blog’s New Editor-in-Chief, Eric Martinez

Eric Martinez

Eric Martinez joined the Division of Administration and Finance on June 4 as the Divisional Communications Specialist. Eric graduated from Towson University with his Bachelor’s in English Literature and has a wealth of experience working in Financial Services. As the Divisional Communications Specialist, Eric will develop and implement marketing and communications plans for divisional initiatives and draft speeches, presentations, and byline columns. Get to know our new editor-in-chief with the following Q&A:

What initially drew you to Towson?

Living in Colorado really didn’t leave me with much room for advancement, so I went searching for jobs that would better my personal and professional goals. I came across a contingent position that had a lot of potential for growth, and that was working for the PeopleSoft Financials Team. I had experience with software integration, and the position that I applied for was geared towards the transition from FRS to web-based software (PeopleSoft Financials). I applied for the position and got hired after I moved from Denver to Baltimore. I enjoy working in the campus environment because it allows for scholastic advancement and professional growth.

What projects are you working on at TU?

For Financial Services, I recently completed a project that involves the workflow process for all Economic and Community Outreach grants. The essential function of the process is to maintain an electronic time stamp for how long it takes the grants to move from point A to point B. I worked with a programming student to have the program be as simple and straightforward as possible. In my new position with the Office of Administration and Finance, I am starting to brainstorm my plans for the annual Operating Budget and Plan and the Administration and Finance Annual Report.

How was the transition from your previous job to here?

I have fallen on opposite ends of the spectrum with my new job. Working in Financial Services as their Project Specialist, my primary focus was to assist new users with PeopleSoft Financials, analyze forecasting trends for three departments, and create workflow documentation to assist the campus users with PeopleSoft functionality. No longer working with PeopleSoft Financials, I get to utilize my writing and marketing abilities that focuses more with the Division of Administration and Finance.

What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on at past jobs?

I really enjoyed working on the design and implementation of the new vault for the Auraria Campus Bookstore when I lived in Colorado. I was the Accounting Supervisor for the bookstore and the majority of my work focused around the daily reconciliation of cash, credit card, and check flow for the three universities on campus. I designed the blue-prints for specifications and worked closely with the contractors to ensure proper safety protocol. Once the project was complete, I redesigned the cash-flow process for all cash handlers within Auxiliary Services and implemented the training program that is still in use today.

Welcome, Eric! If you have suggestions or story ideas for Dollars & Common Sense, feel free to contact Eric at jmartinez@towson.edu or x4-2790.

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