Celebrating the people and projects of TU's Division of Administration and Finance

Personnel Announcement

Wondering what’s going on in the lives of your colleagues? Check out the information below to find out. If you’d like to contribute an item to the personnel announcement, e-mail adminfinance@towson.edu.

 May Birthdays

All birthdays listed are based on the contributions of divisional staff. If you would like to have a birthday added to or removed from the list, please e-mail adminfinance@towson.edu.

May 1 – Tom Alcide, OTS

May 3 – Randy Peaker, Human Resources

May 4 – Jim Monroe, OTS

May 7 – Nick Gingue, Auxiliary Services

May 7 – Connie Proffitt, Fiscal Planning and Services

May 8 – Joe Oster, Auxiliary Services

May 8 – Dorothy Proctor, Fiscal Planning and Services

May 8 – Dave Schroeder, OTS

May 11 – Phillip Morgan, Facilities

May 11 – Dave Rose, Facilities

May 15 – Jeff Clark, Facilities

May 16 – Karen Michalak, OTS

May 16 – Betty White, Fiscal Planning and Services

May 17 – Jonathan Lindhorst, Facilities Management

May 18 – John Logan, Facilities

May 23 – Andrew Charles, Facilities

May 23 – Susan Fata, Auxiliary Services

May 23 – Ed Millard, Facilities

May 23 – Shawn Rauscher, Facilities

May 26 – Myron Esterson, Auxiliary Services

May 26 – Sandy Levin, Fiscal Planning and Services

May 26 – Charise Rice, Auxiliary Services

May 26 – Jeff Sutton, Fiscal Planning and Services

May 28 – Lorraine Hart, Fiscal Planning and Services

May 30 – Nisar Khan, OTS

May 31 – Rick Morrocco, Human Resources

May 31 – Sandra White, Fiscal Planning and Services

New Hires & Retirements

Boris Kiselev joins OTS Enterprise Services as an Oracle Database Administrator. Welcome to TU, Boris!

Several new employees joined the Office of Human Resources this month.  A big welcome to Bonnie Yourik, Aneika Peoples and Dominica Lucas!

Awards and Honors

 On Thursday May 3, the 28th Annual Service Awards Ceremony was held in West Village Commons.  Faculty and staff from across the campus were recognized for their years of service to the university, including several members of Administration & Finance.  Congratulations to all!

 Five Years

Thomas Alcide, OTS

William Brewer Jr., Facilities

Quentin Brown, Facilities

Joseph Byer, Facilities

Emily Centeno, Mail Services

Louis Ciotola Jr., ECS

Kevin Clancy, Facilities

Steven Cullum, Facilities

Dixie Davies, ECS

Edward del Sordo, OTS

Mary Dunaway, OHR

John Filardo, OTS

Denise Fisher, Financial Services

Richard Geiwitz, University Police

Richard Herbert, Parking & Transportation

Michael Iacaruso, OTS

Robert Jones, OTS

Alberto Lagos, Financial Services

Andrew Martin, OTS

Cedrick McCoy, University Police

Raymond Monczewski, University Store

Phillip Morgan, Facilities

Sandra Mryncza, OTS

Brian O’Connell, University Budget Office

Ronald Peacock Jr., Facilities

Amie Pfeifer, OTS

Timothy Riegert, OTS

Theodor Robinson, Parking & Transportation

Travis Ryer, OTS

Richard Setzer, EHS

Jafar Taru, University Police

Michael Temple, Facilities

Colin Tewey, Materiel Management

James Williamson, Fiscal Planning & Services

 Ten Years

Jeffery Barnes, Facilities

Carey Bonvenga, University Store

Irwin Browder, Printing Services

Jeffery Clark, Facilities

Audrey Clark, OTS

Joan Doremus, Auxiliary Services

Sharon Freedman, OTS

Thomas Garrison, OTS

Bernard Gerst, University Police

Diane Gossman, Administration & Finance

Verna Green, Auxiliary Services

Stuart Heilman, Procurement

Charles (Joe) Herring, University Police

Thomas Hodge, Facilities Management

Donald Miller Jr., Facilities

Karen Minor, OTS

Rebecca Mundschenk, OTS

Robert Novak, University Police

Angelo Rinaudo, Facilities

Noel Robins, University Police

Patrick Rohe, OTS

Ronald Santana, OTS

Robert Walton, Parking & Transportation

Jean West, University Police

Fifteen Years

Mark Addy, OTS

Eric Cannizzo, OTS

Timothy Collins, University Store

Rene Florendo, Facilities

Carla Hall, OHR

James Hardin, OTS

Bernie Hunter, Facilities

David Mayhew, Facilities

William Meagher, Financial Services

Joseph Oster, Auxiliary Services

David Rose, Facilities

Tracie Rusnak, Facilities

Henry Silk, University Store

Bethany Spriggs, ECS

Jeffery Sutton, Procurement

Craig Turkington, OTS

Maria Zimmerman, Financial Services

Twenty Years

Gregory Daniels, University Police

Louise Dunton, University Store

Thomas Fisher, University Police

Craig Fringer, Access Control

Larry Long, Materiel Management

Alfred Luebben, Facilities

Miriam (Ginger) McGeehan, Materiel Management

Edward Millard, Facilities Management

Clay Minor, Facilities

Robert Neff, Facilities

Terry Pompey, University Police

Gail Price, OHR

Frank Remesch, University Police

Lawrence Sweringen, Facilities

David Turner, Facilities

Twenty-five Years

Jahmahl Abdul-Rahmaan, Printing Services

Robert Cave, OTS

David Elliott, Facilities

Scott Guckert, Facilities

Carl Harris, Facilities

Barbara Hufnagel, Procurement

Michele Kreider, Procurement

John Logan, Facilities

Michael Medairy, Facilities

Richard Morrocco, OHR

Warren Riefner, Facilities

David Troyer, Facilities

Thirty Years

David Anderson, Copies Plus

Phillip Butler, Materiel Management

Robert Childs, Materiel Management

Thirty-Five Years

Thomas Wentz, Facilities

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