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Tip of the Month: Embedding Videos in PowerPoint 2010

It is now easy to embed videos (such as YouTube) into your PowerPoint presentations. This feature was also present in PowerPoint 2007; however PowerPoint 2010 has made it much easier and more convenient.

Obtaining the Embed Code
1. Search for the video you need embedded into the presentation on the site that is hosting the video (such as YouTube). 2. Click the Embed Code box below the video.
3. The code will appear in the Embed box.
4. Place a checkmark in the Use old embed code box.
5. Copy the code using the browsers copy command from the menu bar; by right clicking on the code or by using the keyboard shortcut—CTRL+C.

Embedding the Video
1. Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon.
2. From the Media group, click the Video.
3. Select Video from Web Site from the Media group on the Insert Tab.
4. The Insert Video From Web Site dialog window appears.
5. Paste the embed code from the Web Site into the box.
6. Click Insert.
7. The video will be embedded into the presentation.

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