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Who Knew?! Behind the Scenes at OTS

By Mark Addy

When you think of the Facilities Management department, does the new CLA Building or West Village Commons come to mind?

While Facilities does so many things on campus that are highly visible to the community, there’s much more going on behind the scenes that you might take for granted, like ensuring we stay warm in the winter.  In many cases, what goes on behind the scenes is actually the most important.  This is no different for the Office of Technology Services (OTS).

The employees of the OTS Enterprise Services group are TU’s behind-the-scenes gurus of IT. They are responsible for managing the core IT infrastructure and services that are required for daily tasks related to computing .  While Enterprise Services doesn’t manage every application that runs on our network, in most cases if a service fails, we’re responsible for helping restore service.   While a portion of our work is noticed when new services are added or upgraded, there is a tremendous amount of recurring work that is required to maintain systems—keeping them secure, reliable, performing well, and able to be recoverable in the event of a disaster.

OTS Enterprise Services has a full plate this year and what better way to share what’s on our plate than to include our plans in the A&F blog.  The 2012 Enterprise Services Initiative Report provides background on the roles of each of our subgroups, and the major initiatives that they’ll be working on throughout the year.

So take a look at the report learn more about these initiatives and find out if anything peaks your interest.  Feel free to contact me atmaddy@towson.edu if you have any questions, comments or even if you’d like to tour the Cook Data Center!  A common reaction after seeing what’s living behind the doors to the data center is “Who knew!?”

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