Celebrating the people and projects of TU's Division of Administration and Finance

Personnel Announcement

Wondering what’s going on in the lives of your colleagues? Check out the information below to find out. If you’d like to contribute an item to the personnel announcement, e-mail adminfinance@towson.edu.

March Birthdays

All birthdays listed are based on the contributions of divisional staff. If you would like to have a birthday added to or removed from the list, please e-mail adminfinance@towson.edu.

March 2 – Brian Fritsche, Fiscal Planning and Services

March 3 – Leroy McKee, Facilities Management

March 6 – Sandy Erhart, Fiscal Planning and Services

March 7 – John Roth, Facilities Management

March 8 – Ginger McGeehan, Facilities Management

March 8 – Dwayne Wilson, Facilities Management

March 9 – Teri Cromwell, OTS

March 10 – Nicole Cosentino, OTS

March 10 – David Sies, Facilities Management

March 11 – Clay Minor, Facilities Management

March 11 – David Hahn, Postal Operations

March 13 – Jeannie Deckelbaum, Auxiliary Services

March 16 – Mary Dunaway, Human Resources

March 16 – Terry Mullen, Auxiliary Services

March 19 – Michelle Sponaugle-Shipley, Auxiliary Services

March 20 – Victoria Napper, Fiscal Planning and Services

March 21 – Thomas Boettcher, Postal Services

March 24—Joe Sabbat, Auxiliary Services

March 25 – Emily Centeno, Postal Services

March 26 – Jeff Barnes, Facilities Management

March 27 – Rafael Montoya, Facilities Management

March 27 – Dixie Davies, Auxiliary Services

March 28 – Lee Warner, Fiscal Planning and Services

Awards and Honors

The President’s Diversity Awards were held on March 1, 2012 at the 18th Annual Multicultural Conference at TU. The awards recognize faculty, staff, students and departments on campus that show a committment to diversity.  Included in the nominees were Mary Fortier, in Financial services and Events and Conference Services. The Office of Human Resources took home the award in their category, Administrative Department.  Congratulations to all!

Linda O’Connor, Financial Services, completed the University Business Certificate, one of five noncredit certificates offered by the Office of Human Resources. This certificate is designed for university employees responsible for business functions. Click on this link to learn more about competency focus and certificate programs available to all faculty and staff.

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