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Tip of the Month: How to Use Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets

Gadgets are mini-programs that provide information at a glance such as, OTS Alerts, weather and news. Windows 7 comes with certain gadgets, but you can also download more from the Microsoft website.

To add gadgets to your desktop:

1) Right-click on the desktop and click on Gadgets.
2) Select the gadget for your desktop
3) Click and drag the gadget to your desktop. For more information on the specific gadget, click on Show Details.
4) Right-click on gadget and click on Options to change the gadget settings.

To remove gadget from desktop:

1) Hover over the gadget and click the Close icon (red X).

For additional tips and training from the Office of Technology Services, go to http://www.towson.edu/adminfinance/ots/trainingdoc/.

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