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Meet the Staff: Switchboard Operator Denice Elliot

By Carla Hall

One thing is for certain when you enter the Administration Building on the first floor.  Just look to your right and you will be greeted by a warm smile and the engaging charm of Denice Elliott. 

Denice began serving as a switchboard operator for Towson University’s Advancement Division in 2004.  Denice retired from Verizon in August 2002 and after 2 ½ years of the “good life,” she decided it was time to spread that contagious smile again.  She came to Towson with a wealth of knowledge that only 31 years of experience in the areas of telecommunications and customer service can provide.  In her last position with Verizon, Denice was expected to attend mandatory workshops and take classes to enhance their customer service skills.   She felt that her experiences at Verizon prepared her well for the position at TU. 

Denice Elliot

At Towson she handles a multi-faceted phone system, and greets and directs visitors, students, faculty and staff to their various destinations.  During any given day, Switchboard Services may handle over 200 calls and too many visitors to count.  On many occasions Denice is the first contact, face and voice of Towson for these visitors and callers.  Denice performs her daily tasks with flare and in excellence because she possesses a wide range of knowledge of TU, including all of the various departments, contacts and changes that affect the campus. 

 “Denice is such a sweet and caring person,” said Denice’s supervisor, Margret Perrera. “Denice always greets the students, visitors, faculty, and staff with a warm smile on her face or in her voice over the phone.  She will go the extra mile to get you the help or information you need.” 

When asked what she liked best about her position Denice said, “I get to meet a variety of people from all walks of life.  I am amazed by the complexity and variety of the questions that I am bombarded with every day … It affords me continuous knowledge and assists me in sharpening my skills to be better at my job.  I love all the people I have met since I have been here.”

So if you ever need direction on Towson University’s campus, or just need to see a warm smile, stop by the receptionist desk of Denice Elliott.  Denice’s positive contribution to the Towson University family is immeasurable!

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  1. carol

    The consummate professional, Denice is the perfect representative of TU!

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