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Meet the Staff: Deneice Fusco

By Briana Cabibbo

Every employee at TU interacts with the Office of Human of Resources in various ways throughout their time here.  OHR is the first department many new employees come into contact with on campus, from the application process and interviews to new hire orientation.  When an employee needs to change their insurance policy, make a change of address after buying a new home, or wants to advance in their career and develop their skills, again they come to OHR.  Assisting in the management of all of these responsibilities requires a special set of skills, something Deneice Fusco, the associate director of the Office of Human Resources, knows a lot about.

Deneice has been at Towson since March 1994 and has worked in several different capacities for OHR.  She started as the employment manager, then managed the employment classification and compensation unit before taking her current position of associate director.  Prior to coming to Towson, she worked at various corporations as a training and development specialist and in recruitment.  However, Deneice’s career didn’t start out in human resources.  It started in the classroom as a middle school a science and social studies teacher.

Although many may think human resources and teaching middle school have nothing in common, Deneice saw otherwise.  When she started working in HR she found herself relying on a lot of skills she developed as a teacher.  Instead of teaching sixth, seventh and eighth graders in a classroom, she was teaching business professionals in a corporate setting.  Regardless of the age of her students though, Deneice says the most important thing is to engage people.

“In HR it’s important to have good problem solving skills and to be able to make people feel engaged.  When people are engaged on a project they’re working on they feel like they’re an important part of it and it’s easier for them to accept the change the project will bring,” Deneice said.

As the associate director of HR you won’t find Deneice teaching training and development classes anymore.  Now she is responsible for overseeing the management of HR operations and employment, classification and compensation.  In addition, Deneice is a member of various campus-wide committees, working with employees to solve problems and develop policy.  She also contributed to the completion to two major OHR projects: the online application and the Payroll Authorization Consolidation Site (PACS) project.

“I love working in academia.  I get to work with different people across campus from a variety of different departments,” Deneice said.

Given her background it’s no wonder Deneice feels Towson is such a perfect fit for her.  She is able to incorporate the aspects of HR she enjoys, such as being creative and working as a part of a team to achieve a major goal, in an academic setting.

“I’ve worked in other industries and none of them compare to working here,” Deneice said.  “At Towson, I feel like I’m part of a small city where people care about your work and they care about you on a personal level.  I’m proud to tell people I work for TU!”

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