Celebrating the people and projects of TU's Division of Administration and Finance

Personnel Announcement

The personnel announcement contains information about birthdays, new hires, awards, news articles and events related to the Division of Administration & Finance. If you’d like to contribute an item to the personnel announcement, e-mail adminfinance@towson.edu.


December Birthdays

All birthdays listed are based on the contributions of divisional staff. If you would like to have a birthday added to or removed from the list, please e-mail adminfinance@towson.edu.

December 1 – Bruce Schuchardt, Facilities Management

December 2 – Mike Filardo, OTS

December 2 – Leslie Lewis, Postal Services

December 4 – Johnny Lyons, Office of Public Safety

December 5 – Larry Sweringen, Facilities Management

December 6 – John Contee, Facilities Management

December 6 – Mary Fortier, Fiscal Planning & Services

December 6 – Susan O’Brien, OTS

December 7 – Tracey Fite, Facilities Management

December 7 – Glenda Pierce, Facilities Management

December 11 – Joseph Laumann, Facilities Management

December 12 – Gordean Sanders, OTS

December 14 – Ken Carden, Facilities Management

December 14 – Larry Holbrook, Office of Public Safety

December 15 – Marvin Edens, Facilities Management

December 16 – Steve Kettinger, OTS

December 16 – Dave Troyer, Facilities Management

December 17 – Carol Green-Willis, OTS

December 17 – Rodney Motes, Facilities Management

December 17 – Mardette Wetzelberger, Fiscal Planning & Services

December 18 – Rick Setzer, Office of Public Safety

December 18 – Michael Temple, Facilities Management

December 18—Adam Weaver, Auxiliary Services

December 19 – Dave McCracken, Facilities Management

December 19 – Carolyn Scott, Fiscal Planning & Services

December 20 – Jo Ann Joseph, Human Resources

December 21 – Bob Farmer, OTS

December 21 – Karen Testudine, Fiscal Planning & Services

December 21 – Amy Vickers, Auxiliary Services

December 22 – Karen Carmer, Facilities Management

December 22 – Sammy Featherstone, Facilities Management

December 22 – Jerri Sumwalt, Auxiliary Services

December 23 – Brian Raley, OTS

December 24 – Joanne Anderson, OTS

December 24 – Gregg Wood, Office of Public Safety

December 26 – Scott Guckert, Facilities Management

December 27 – Heather Bishop, Facilities Management

December 27 – Pam Gorsuch, Office of A&F

December 28 – Debbie Katz, OTS

December 29 – Thomas Crabbs, Facilities Management

December 31 – Gina Peach, Fiscal Planning & Services

December 31 – Phillip Ross, Human Resources


News and Announcements

LaTonya Dyer coauthored the article “Interactive Web Conferencing Brings Big Benefits to the Online Classroom” featured in the November issue of Faculty Focus.

A new video tour of the West Village Commons building is available on the Towson Ambassadors’ YouTube page.



The Tigers take on Lehigh in the second round of the NCAA Division I Championships this Saturday, December 3, at 3:30 p.m. in Unitas Stadium. Tickets can be purchased at the Tigers’ ticket webpage or by calling 1-855-TU-TIGER.


Awards and Honors

Robin Boord in Copies Plus completed HR’s Workplace Professional Certificate and Management & Supervision Certificate.

Erin Durange in Mail Services completed the University Business Certificate.

Congrats Robin and Erin!


New Hires

Ryan Arnold was hired as the head cashier in the University Store.

Adrianne Pitts was hired as the Customer Service & Administration Manager for Parking & Transportation Services.

Robert Donatelli was hired as an IT Support Specialist in Auxiliary Services.

Welcome Ryan, Adrianne and Robert!

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