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Meet the Students: Kelsey Schwartz, Sarah Hogge, Hans Colglazier, and Kevin Ryan

By Brenda Kempa

If you’ve ever walked through a campus building and noticed someone counting furniture or directing equipment deliveries, you’ve most likely spotted one of the four student workers in Facilities Planning. These hardworking students keep the department running smoothly while getting an inside look at how the university works.

Kelsey Schwartz is a part-time student worker and full-time undergraduate student majoring in Media Illustration with a Biology minor. She’s worked in Facilities Planning for a year and a half and says she enjoys the wide range of projects she gets to work on.

“I always have a lot of different projects at the same time,” Kelsey said.  “I work on field surveying spaces on campus, helping to direct furniture deliveries, drawing in AutoCAD software and checking spaces to see if they are ADA compliant.”

Facilities Planning student employees Kelsey Schwartz and Sarah Hogge

In addition to working with AutoCAD software, Kelsey has learned how to use other programs like Microsoft Access and Excel.  She’s worked on many projects with colleague Sarah Hogge, a Family Studies major who’s been working in Facilities Planning since May 2011. Over the summer, Kelsey and Sarah surveyed all the academic spaces on campus and updated floor plans. The job afforded them a first glimpse at several of the new campus buildings which had yet to open.

“Kelsey and I were fortunate to be involved with getting the College of Liberal Arts Phase II and West Village Commons ready for the school year,” Sarah says. The task was a far cry from the Child Life Specialist work Sarah wants to do after graduation, but she says she enjoys it and it’s taught her a lot.

On the other hand, Hans Colglazier’s background and studies fit nicely with his work in Planning. The pre-Business Administration major and U.S. Marine joined Facilities Planning in June 2011 and is already gaining experience that he can use toward his Project Management concentration. He says he enjoys moving from building to building with a wide range of tasks encompassing everything from annual space inventories to deliveries.

“It has been so beneficial in the short amount of time I have worked in Facilities Planning,” Hans said. “I enjoy the atmosphere and morale amongst the Planning Team the most.”

The newest student worker in Facilities Planning and the Office of Sustainability is Kevin Ryan, a Geography and Environmental Planning major with a minor in Geographic Information Systems.  Kevin has been working in the office since August 2011, learning about campus sustainability and training to use software programs such as AutoCAD, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. These skills will come in handy, as Kevin wants to become a city planner after graduation.

“Working directly for Towson University has given me real, hands-on job experience,” Kevin said.  “The projects I work on are exciting and interesting.”

Facilities Planning/Office of Sustainability student employees Kevin Ryan and Hans Colglazier

Facilities Planning owes much to the dedication of their four great students. Next time you see them on campus, make sure to say hello and give them a pat on the back!

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